2020 Fall For Babies Grant Recipients Announcement

On October 15, 2020, Gift of Parenthood announced the grant recipients for the 2020 Fall For Babies Grant Giveaway. These applicants will receive financial assistance towards their fertility treatments as a result of another successful grant cycle.
Please join us in congratulating these couples and wishing them blessings on their journey to parenthood.
Bryan from Long Beach, CA

We are honored to assist Bryan on his journey to parenthood. As a single, gay man who is about to launch into the grand adventure of being a solo father, the excitement is high, the research is substantial, and the anxiety is…well…ever present. From selecting the perfect egg donor and ensuring the right fertility method to understanding surrogacy and planning for those nine months, this journey is personal, layered with complex emotions, hope, uncertainty, and, lots and lots and lots of questions. As alway, Gift of Parenthood is committed to providing as much support as our team possibly can, to each and every recipient. #youarenotalone #surrogacy #fatherhood 

Fredrica & Trey from Nashville, TN

As a career public servant, this beautiful soul dedicated her career to serving and empowering young people and women desiring to change the trajectory of their lives after experiencing eating disorders, addictions, or being diagnosed with mental illnesses. Time and time again we see strong women and men put the lives and well-being of others ahead of their own. Your compassion is infectious! #WeSeeYou

Sasha & Guillermo from Hastings, NE

Battling PCOS, this couple has been through a rollercoaster of emotions, consultations, fertility treatments, hospital visits, miscarriages and disappointments. We believe that no one should ever experience the loss of their unborn child and we pray that our support will bring light into your lives as you move forward on your journey.

Jillian & Ana from Carteret, NJ

Dealing with Low Ovarian Reserve is challenging enough. And with Covid-19 plaguing our nation and temporarily shutting down clinics across the country for an undetermined amount of months, the time is all but on our side.

As we continue to have open conversations with our community of fertility warriors, we see your struggles and we are committed to serving those in need. We hope our gift will bring hope and get you a step closer to having the family you have been dreaming of.

To see more of our past winners, check out our recipients gallery below:

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2 thoughts on “2020 Fall For Babies Grant Recipients Announcement”

  1. Congratulations to the couple’s receiving the grant! Much baby dust your way and may your future children be happy, successful and loved!

    I am super confused and a bit dumbfounded that a single man was selected over other couples who have actually been diagnosed with infertility. This man likely has the full ability to reproduce and hasn’t found a life partner yet, so the funding just seems to have been selected for diversity over actual desperate need.
    This is disappointing. I’m all about celebrating diversity, but at what cost? Let’s not forget we are granting aid to people actually struggling to have a baby.

  2. Gift of Parenthood

    Thank you for your comment, Dawn, and for your good wishes for our grant recipients. With regard to your concern, out of respect for our recipients’ privacy, we can not comment on the individuals’ health or personal situation beyond what is shared above. We carefully consider all who apply and do strive to be diverse in regards to ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, relationship status, medical history and geography.

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