Adam & Katie’s IVF Journey

South Lyon, MI (US)
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Adam & Katie’s IVF Journey

by Katie DeLamielleure

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South Lyon, MI (US)

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Hi! We are Adam and Katie. We have been married for almost 9 years and have a sweet little daughter named Savannah who is 6 years old. We have been trying to expand our family since June 2018 when our Savannah was only ten months old in high hopes of experiencing parenthood once again and giving our girl a sibling. She asks God daily to answer this prayer that we all hold so close to our heart.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis as a teenager and eventually had surgery to remove most of it in 2004 with great results. In addition, as most of you know- I have a pretty extensive history with DVT’s (deep vein thrombosis) and am on blood thinners for life due to Factor V Leiden. I have not had a blood clot in a long time so the blood thinners and placement of two stents have proven to be successful long term. We have had all the fertility testing done by two different specialists and other than low progesterone (can supplement with medication) and our “advanced maternal” age along with my health issues, there isn’t anything specific that is preventing a pregnancy from occurring from a medical standpoint so we are in the unexplained infertility category. We also went through two years of infertility prior to our Savannah- we were obviously able to eventually conceive with Letrozole & Ovidrel (fertility medication) and our third IUI (intrauterine insemination). We have undergone that same protocol for baby #2 in 2018-2019 with no success and completed 8 rounds of which our insurance at the time covered. Unfortunately, we also had an early miscarriage last summer.

At this point and 5 years in of trying, IVF (invitro fertilization) is our next and last option. It is not covered by our insurance and it is very costly which is why we have created this fundraiser. Any amount will help! But most importantly, we need the power of prayer so please pray for us as this has been very stressful on our little family in the midst of everything else that is going on. If we are able to raise the funds to move forward with IVF, we will be forever grateful to be able to have this resource.  At the end of the day, we know that Science can only take us so far and it is ultimately up to God, but at least we know we tried everything possible and will have zero regrets regardless of how the situation ends!

We have found a fertility location in Buffalo, New York (CNY Fertility) that we will be doing treatments with and are able to do local monitoring here in Michigan and will only have to travel there for the egg retrieval and if we are not able to do a fresh transfer at that time, we will have to go back for a frozen transfer so hopefully it is just once or twice.