IVF/Surrogate Journey

Bozeman, Montana (US)
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IVF/Surrogate Journey

by Ashley Wallace

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Bozeman, Montana (US)

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My husband is 31, I’m nearing 29 and was hit by a semi 10 years ago. The longest I’ve been able to go in that time without surgery & sedation is 9 months. We finally have so many answers, I deal with plenty of pain but live a relatively normal life. My decade of medical expenses and issues stemming from various surgeries has taught me so much, really showed me how to advocate for myself amongst medical professionals, and has solidified my positive attitude, resilience, determination and extraordinary high levels of pain tolerance. I have a 10 level fused neck at this point after 6 broken & shattered cervical vertebrae, broke all the bones in my left arm, 4 in my hand, hip, pelvis and heel. I’ve grown accustomed to so much pain and metal in my body, but am blessed to wake up every day and feel the pain, as healthy as possible. I have about 60 first cousins and a huge family, I’ve been one of the older cousins my whole life and have become so great with babies and my younger cousins growing up. I love them and my friends kids so much, we cannot wait to be a family of our own with our own children. I had a uterus that bled for years before it needed to be taken out, which was years after it started effecting my bladder and other organ implications related to my accident. Years after the uterine symptoms got so controlling, and years after being told by doctors that I’d never carry to term- I also have a metal hip since 2014 that required a debilitating reconstructive surgery in 2016 and wouldn’t have been able to expand with natural pregnancy- if I were to try, my hip would get to the point where it would put me in a wheelchair for months, unable to lift or move my leg and all this with major surgery occurring in the 7-8th month of the pregnancy is clearly not a good plan. Even knowing that for years, I couldn’t bring myself to a hysterectomy until so many years of life altering complications and surgeries necessitated the removal of my uterus. I got to keep my ovaries and cannot wait to start IVF so we can began that process before implanting in our surrogate. We have been saving for years but are still nowhere near what it likely costs and even more likely could cost after several IVF trials with some of the best doctors in the county. Ever since 2018, after officially discovering of negligence and malpractice that began at the onset of my accident and continued for years before finding out what was going on and happening to cause me to faint, vomit and deal with so many symptoms daily. When we couldn’t get enough of my medical records from the doctor who was practicing literal God complex procedures on me that hadn’t been completed or used successfully before, he fought releasing records long enough to protect himself. There was no precedent, prior knowledge allowing legal, trustworthy prior authorization to be granted from the insurance company in the final surgery that surgeon performed on me when I thought I could trust all doctors. By the time we found out, it was too late to prosecute the major claims and charges I endured because the doctor knew exactly what he was doing. I’ve later been told he fled the state; however, I haven’t believed or wanted to sue for as long as I can remember. Anyway, after organ damage, years of opiates before understanding their effects and my right to say no to taking pills or undergoing surgeries being told to me were medically necessary when they weren’t, I had a uterus that was ruining daily life and effecting my body extremely to the point where my doctors convinced me to remove the uterus while keeping my ovaries. We are blessed to still have genetic children and would be so beyond grateful for any help towards our goals to become parents. My husband is so wonderful, I never thought I’d meet my person while still dealing with surgeries and complications related to my near fatal interstate accident with a semi that I am so lucky to walk away from. According to Cleveland Clinic, Cedars-Sinai and many vascular specialists who own their own clinics, my injuries have never been survived without putting someone permanently in a chair unable to walk and often unable to move their arms. Every day I count my blessings, and my husband has been to nine surgeries over the years, always by my side and is the best man I know. He coaches 4-8 year olds for an hour 5 days a week, teenagers and adults most days a week too. He’s great with everyone, and we own our home in bozeman, have good jobs but make less than 75K a year. As much as we’ve saved, we still aren’t close to affording this process.