Killarney Fertility Journey ❤️

Niles , MI (US)
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Killarney Fertility Journey ❤️

by Katelyn Robbins

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Niles , MI (US)

Katelyn Robbins is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Alyssa Killarney.

Campaign Story

My sister, Alyssa, and brother in law, Josh, married in October of 2020. They both dreamed of having children one day.

They started trying right after they got married. She quit taking her birth control when they went on their honeymoon. They tried for 2 years and knew something was wrong.

They started down the path of figuring out what was going on. He was thought to be sterile after multiple tests but after undergoing surgery they were able to pull out and find viable sperm in his tissue, enough for 3 tries of having their own kid.

As for her, she was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. With both of those factors, they had to start their IVF journey with ICSI. A couple failed rounds of IVF and dealing with ovarian cysts, they finally got to the stage of doing their first egg retrieval surgery. They only received 4 eggs and with being at such a huge risk of OHSS, they would have to do a frozen transfer.

None of the embryos made it to the blast stage to freeze.  They have used 1 vial of  sperm so they only have 2 more chances to try this.

With a grant or a fundraiser, it will make that possible.

They are already in debt. They have enough saved for the next rounds of meds, ultrasound, blood work, and fees but not enough for the surgery or if they need to do more rounds of shots.

I would like to raise money for them so that they can try another round of IVF and plan another egg retrieval surgery in the near future.

I know money can be tight but even $0.50-$1.00 would help them towards this expensive journey.

Name Donation Date
Sherry Ewert $10.00 October 20, 2023
Jennifer SILL $30.00 October 19, 2023
Victoria Compeau $30.00 October 19, 2023
Jeffrey Thompson $25.00 October 18, 2023
Nikki Blumka $20.00 October 18, 2023
Erin HANLIN $10.00 October 18, 2023
Nikki Hicks $10.00 October 18, 2023
Jeffery Miller $25.00 October 18, 2023
Anonymous $100.00 October 17, 2023
Sherry Ewert commented with a $10 donation about 9 months ago
May God bless your journey
Nikki Blumka commented with a $20 donation about 9 months ago
Best wishes
Nikki Hicks commented with a $10 donation about 9 months ago
Alyssa love u yall are gonna make great parents i know it sending love and prayers