My IVF Journey

Portales , NM (US)
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My IVF Journey

by Dehlila Pearly

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Portales , NM (US)

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My name is Dehlila, I was born with Gastroschisis, for those of you that may not know, that’s when a baby is born with there intestines outside of their body. As I grew up I had many doctors tell me I was not able to have kids and I understood that 100%. That was something I have accepted. When I graduated HS I decided to join the Army, I told MEPS everything, and they cleared me for basic training. Once I actually began my service term, I got injured during a Ruck march. A cyst had ruptured in my ovaries. I thought okay no biggie, it’s not something I can’t fix. Until free fluid got trapped in my fallopian tube and I had to have surgery to remove it. At 22 My doctor after the surgery told me that even though the surgery was to remove my fallopian tube, it did mean I couldn’t have children. I figured I couldn’t because when I was smaller they told me I couldn’t and I would have too much scar tissue. But the surgeon who removed my tube told me he also layered off some scar tissue so I would be able to carry a child. That the gastroschisis I was born with did not hinder me from living the life Iv’e dreamed of, I would just have to go about it the medical way vs. doing things naturally. So here I am older, wiser, more informed and am 100% ready for my husband and I to take the next step in hopefully having our own child. Iv’e never been so excited in my life, besides the day I married my husband of course. We’re ready to start this journey, but we would love a bit of help too.

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Jessica Johns $40.00 June 03, 2024
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Jessica Johns commented with a $75 donation about 3 weeks ago
I’m so proud of you making this decision! I wish you great memories on this next adventure in your lives!!!