Please Help with IVF treatment 1st time mom at 42

Charlotte, N.C (US)
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Please Help with IVF treatment 1st time mom at 42

by Nakonia Nicholson

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Charlotte, N.C (US)

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Hello, My name is Nakonia Nicholson, I reaching out to the world , to ask for help with paying for Fertility help. IM 42 yours old and never had a baby, I have One sister and One brother either one has kids, Our parents have passed on so, have my grandparents also has passed on.Its has always been my dream to have kids however it just hasn’t happen, I’m very living and caring person. I Can give a child alot of love ,The best caregiver to any child but I want to have my own baby. To hold in look in the eyes of my very on child will be a dream come true, I just moved in my new place with the man of my life and we about to get married, every woman should be granted the chance to give birth, unfortunately the law doesn’t back me up on that when it come to cost, And that’s my issue, the cost of the health care service that helps with having a healthy child.I have been though alot of tumors in my life growing ,nor having my parents, or having my dad in my life and not my mom. I want to give my child all of me in lead my child on the right path of life something I didn’t have growing sharing Grandmother with 9 other kids. IM PRAYING THAT IT HAPPENS FOR ME IN THIS LIFETIME, If you can please help me grow my family. Our Legacy stop right here, my bloodline will be wiped off the earth I’m the only child my parents have together, Please help me bring the gift of life into the world. ANYTHING WILL HELP..please help me keep my legacy alive. .We will be soon thankful of any token of love and return God will Bless your life. GOD SAID ASK IN THE DOOR WILL BE OPEN ASK AND THE ANSWERS WILL BE GIVING..WELL IM KNOCKING AND ASKING, GOD ALSO SAID FAITH WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD..IM STANDING ON FAITH. my late father said you want know until You ask. .Will you please help me get the funds up to pay for the ticket so my baby can come into this world..Please and Thank you for your time

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