2022 Warren IVF Treatments

Sammamish, WA (US)
Created 2 years ago
Fertility Treatments

2022 Warren IVF Treatments

by Joanna Warren

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Sammamish, WA (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello! We are David, Joanna and London (our rescue chi-pug) and we currently live in Washington state. We moved out here mid-pandemic after over a decade of living and working in NYC, which is where we met and had our first experience with infertility and subsequently, fertility treatments. The stress of our busy city lives was compounded with all of the emotions surrounding this very personal challenge to build our family and ultimately, treatments failed. Joanna was left feeling pretty raw and so we decided together to take time off from trying to get pregnant in such an intense and rigorous way. Over the following months and years, we focused on other goals and dreams, such as Joanna completing her graduate degree in Creative Arts Therapy and when Covid hit, we realized it was time to take the ultimate step in caring for our health and move somewhere calmer, in nature where we could refocus on having kids.
We have been in the Seattle area for a little over a year and have now settled in, both to our lifestyle as well as feeling at home in nature and with new friends. We are ready more than ever to begin this process again, however we really need your support – both emotionally and financially, if you are able!
Our plan is to begin with IVF treatments and we have found a clinic that is ranked with the highest success rates: Overlake Reproduction. They also have a “peace of mind” discount, which offers three rounds of treatment for the cost of two, although preliminary tests and medication are not covered. Additionally, if we get pregnant on the first try, the remaining funds will be returned to us. We would love to begin this process in April and the total we would need to start is approx. $40,000.
We know this is a lot and appreciate anything that you are able to contribute, especially your emotional support, “baby dust” and prayers!
If for whatever reason all that is raised is not used for IVF, or our three rounds are unsuccessful, we will be moving straight into the adoption process with American Adoptions and that money will be used there ~ either way, it goes directly toward Baby Warren 2022!
Thank you so much. We are grateful for you all.

Name Donation Date
Bill & Debbie Bailey $100.00 April 17, 2022
Nolan Ticer $250.00 April 03, 2022
Alexander Warren $250.00 March 29, 2022
Steve Warren $200.00 March 22, 2022
Amy Boyle $100.00 March 18, 2022
Margaret Guerra $30.00 March 13, 2022
Gabriela Oleary $25.00 March 06, 2022
Renata Conte $100.00 March 06, 2022
David Ignell $250.00 March 05, 2022
Cara McKinley $250.00 March 03, 2022
Jenny Lee $100.00 March 03, 2022
Greer Kudon $500.00 March 03, 2022
Jaynie Crimmins $100.00 March 02, 2022
Erica Torres-Ness $500.00 March 01, 2022
Kerry Pharmer $100.00 February 28, 2022
Julia Graf $50.00 February 28, 2022
Bill & Debbie Bailey commented with a $100 donation about 2 years ago
Hi Joanna & David! We want to help with your procedure. We will CONTINUE to pray for you to be blessed by the Lord with a child! With much love and many prayers, Aunt Debbie & Uncle Bill
Amy Boyle commented with a $100 donation about 2 years ago
Wishing you all the best as you embark on this journey.
Gabriela Oleary commented with a $25 donation about 2 years ago
Sending good vibes to you both (and London!) Will keep you in my thoughts <3
Jenny Lee commented with a $100 donation about 2 years ago
Eric and I are sending good positive energy your way! Wish we could give more.
Jaynie Crimmins commented with a $100 donation about 2 years ago
I wish I could contribute more. Best of luck. xoxo
Erica Torres-Ness commented with a $500 donation about 2 years ago
I love this and I love you. :)
Kerry Pharmer commented with a $100 donation about 2 years ago
Wish I had $40,000 to give you.