A Second Chance , Tear of Joy

Orangeburg , Sc (US)
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Fertility Treatments

A Second Chance , Tear of Joy

by Shaikia Mack

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Orangeburg , Sc (US)

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Here tell my story and ask for help and info you is to why I had a tubal Ligation in the first place.

I was not born with Cardiomyopathy, it’s rare but I got it when I was pregnant with my daughter Layla , they told me I got it because some women get it when having babies at a young age. They wanted me to abort my baby because they thought she would kill me, but I do not believe in doing that and thought it was in my own best interest to have my daughter. She is a healthly 5 year old girl and the best and right decision I made.

The Doctors decided they would tell me that they thought my heart could not handle having anymore kids, and that it would be in my best interest to have a Tubal Ligation done so I would not have a chance to come up pregnant again. I was hurt and I didn’t want to do it but doctor’s and family thought it would be best for me and my daughter. So I broke down and got it done.

For a few years I had to see a cardiologist, which has to say was so hard going in to see all the older people and here I am young and having to see a heart doctor. The hardest was the doctor told I would live the rest of my life with this problem and it was a 50/50 chance if I could even if 45% of a normal heart back, I had to take heart and blood presure pills.

Well years later and I had the doctors by surprise, I was cleared my cardiologist and he said I show no signs of every having cardiomyopathy and also cleared by the Fertility Doctor, I’m able to have a reversal done. I can’t tell you how happy I was to find out I still have a chance to have another baby.

The only thing staying in my way now is the fiancial barrier, we had most of it til we had a family emergency and again my Dream was knocked back down out of reach by $8,000 short and we decided to try this to reach out to help us raise that.

I would do taxes, but we always owe, could try a loan but I didn’t feel like I want to try to bring a new baby in the world with another debt to pay every month and loans are high.

We would be eternally grateful if you could make a contribution to help us secure out Tubal reversal appointment. I’ve also added a list of Rewards in exchange for your contribution. However, I do understand thigns are hard these days and know if its not also possible to help. If you can’t donate, please help us by spreading the word about the fundraiser