A second chance

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A second chance

by jessica Villanueva

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Los Angeles, CA (US)

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Hi My name is Jessica Villanueva. I wanted to let you know a little of my story and why I want to have a second chance of having another sibling for my daughter. In June 2018 I gave birth to my son Michael Bush III we used to call him “M3”. My whole family and myself were so excited and specially my daughter she was going to be a big sister. I got pregnant while on the IUD, I got the IUD removed and thank god my son made it. I had a good pregnancy up to my delivery day. I had to have an emergency c-section due to my sons heart rate dropping. During my c- section I decided to get my tubes burned we decided that having two kids was okay and we would stay with just our boy and girl. Once I got out of surgery I didn’t get to hold my son after getting out of the recovery room because he was admitted into the nicu. I was able to see him a couple of hours later on that day. He stayed in the niccu for about two weeks. I would go and visit everyday. Help the nurses change his diaper breast feed him and also just try to be with him so that he can feel that his mommy was there with him. Finally the day came when we got to take him home. Everyone was so excited to meet him and I was so happy to have my family together. It seemed like I was living the dream with my two kids. But one night on my son wouldn’t stop crying so we rushed to the childrens Hospital and he was admitted on July 9, 2018. It was the worst thing seeing my son with and iv on his tiny hand and not knowing was was wrong. As the days passed he started to get seizures his tummy got big and he would not be able to poop. The doctors didn’t know what he had his lungs got filled with fluid and he went into cardiac arrest twice “code blue” it was so hard to see my son go through all that and I was not able to help him I stayed in the hospital with him he was there for two weeks. My parents would help me watch my daughter and bring her over to the hospital so that we can all spend together the four of us. My bf was there all the time and all my family has always been so supportive. As my son became weaker and the doctor ruled out that he had mitochondrial metabolic disorder. There is no cure for it and chances or him making it was not good. I was given the option if I wanted him to get resuscitation but that would hurt his little body since he had already gone through cardiac arrest. During my stay at the hospital my grandma passed away on 7-7-2018. I was unable to go to the funeral due to my son I didn’t want to leave his side. My son got worse anddidn’t make it on on July 23, 2018 my baby went to heaven. He no longer was in pain. As hard as it is to have gone through it what hurt me the most is that I couldn’t prevent him from hurting. It’s the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I know that by having another child would never replace my son. I would like to give my daughter that gift she is now 5 years old as always asks about her brother. Even though she doesn’t understand why he isn’t with us she knows he’s an Angel who is taking care of her. Since I got my tubes burned I am unable to get pregnant naturally. And going through the IVF journey is very expensive. I would like to ask if someone is willing to help me achieve this purpose I have of having a child. Life takes unexpected turns that sometimes it hard to understand why things happen. But I just know my son is in a better place where he is not in pain. Thank you for reading my story and if you can help with anything It would mean the world to me.