Aimee and John’s Little Berger Journey

Louisville , KY (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Aimee and John’s Little Berger Journey

by Aimee Bebout

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Louisville , KY (US)

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Campaign Story

My name is Aimee and I was diagnosed with moderate to severe endometriosis at the age of 18. Endometriosis is a common condition in many women, but for me it has hurt far beyond the physical.

7 years ago I met and fell in love with John, the love of my life. 1 year ago we were married on top of Natural Bridge at Red River Gorge and I confirmed what I had always known, he’s the one for me. 2 years ago we knew we were ready to start a family. Due to the endometriosis, I knew this could be difficult for us. My doctor drew all the labs, I peed on hundreds of ovulation sticks and charted temperatures daily. For 2 years absolutely nothing happened. I felt so broken and confused. I couldn’t understand why so many women could have a child and I couldn’t.

In March of this year John and I made the leap to start seeing a fertility specialist. Things have moved quickly and for the first time in a long time we are feeling hopeful that a child is in our near future.

On 4/27 I had surgery in Cincinnati to remove my right Fallopian tube which was severely damaged from endometriosis. They were able to repair the left one but are unsure how long it will remain open.

We are eager and ready to move on from here. I want nothing more than to be a mom and have a family with the love of my life. However, our insurance does not cover any of the costs related to infertility treatment. These treatments can be extremely expensive when paying out of pocket and we know there is no way for us to afford IVF on our own. For that reason, we are asking for the support of friends and family in making our dream come true. Everything helps, even words of support.

  • 06-29-2022

    Goal Change

    I recently updated our goal from $20,000 to $5,000. Our original goal was to save up enough to put IVF in the realm of possibility for us. After receiving some very high bills for surgery, we now know we will have to take some baby steps. Breaking our bigger goals down in to smaller chunks helps us feel like this could be attainable. We want to thank everyone who has helped us thus far. Just know, this is a goal we will not give up on. We are learning more and adjusting our path every day. We appreciate those who have stuck by us through it all and look forward to celebrating a future success with you.

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Casey Cameron $10.00 June 30, 2022
Brianna Post $20.00 April 30, 2022
Katie Barr $25.00 April 30, 2022
Candice Hester $100.00 April 30, 2022
Lance Morton $200.00 April 30, 2022
Madi Burns $40.00 April 29, 2022
Courtney Knight $25.00 April 29, 2022
Brittney Nalley $20.00 April 29, 2022
Dejae Cooley $100.00 April 29, 2022
Brianna Post commented with a $20 donation about 2 months ago
I love you guys! As a fertility baby myself I understand how difficult and heartbreaking all of this is🥺sending you both all the love and support💜
Katie Barr commented with a $25 donation about 2 months ago
Sending love and positive vibes 😚
Candice Hester commented with a $100 donation about 2 months ago
We will pray for you all during this process. Lots of love. Candice and Paul
Lance Morton commented with a $200 donation about 2 months ago
Wishing you all the best in this journey together!
Courtney Knight commented with a $25 donation about 2 months ago
Everyone who wants to go through parenthood deserves the chance! <3 Prayers for you and your future family!
Dejae Cooley commented with a $100 donation about 2 months ago
Love you both so much💖 here for you always