Amanda and Shara’s Baby Fund for RIVF

Rock Hill, SC (US)
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Amanda and Shara’s Baby Fund for RIVF

by Amanda Swager

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Rock Hill, SC (US)

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Campaign Story

Please support Amanda and Shara’s journey to parenthood via Reciprocal IVF!

Shara and I have both always wanted to be parents, so when we finally found each other we started discussing our options early on. We looked into every possibility: fostering, adoption, black market “turkey baster” style, buying from a sperm bank, IUI, IVF, RIVF, etc. We also considered how all of these choices would affect our children in the future; knowing where they came from, how they were made, who their family is and who their genetic family is, our ability to make contact with or keep in touch with their genetic family, discovering genetic siblings, how many genetic siblings they might have, etc.

It took us many years of intensive research, deep soul searching, and long hard conversations to arrive on our decision to do reciprocal IVF with a known donor, our awesome friend, Sam.

The procedure is amazing because both moms get to have a biological role in the child’s conception! Our doctors will create embryos with Amanda’s eggs and Sam’s sperm, then transfer to Shara’s uterus for gestation. The actual DNA is made from the eggs and sperm, but science has discovered that the gestational parent is responsible for how the genes are expressed in the individual! This means that both Amanda’s and Shara’s bodies get to influence the biology of the babies conceived in this way.

We feel that having a known donor is ideal for the kids because we think they will want to know him and be able to contact him. We chose Sam because he’s the kind of person we’d want to pick up the phone when they want to call their bio dad. Plus, he just happens to look a little like Shara!

We’ve extended this campaign for 3 years with the intention of using it for multiple pregnancies, but truly, we want to get started ASAP. We’re hopeful that the procedures we engage in now will prepare us to complete our family with 2 or 3 children within the next 5 years.

It’s going to be expensive so we set a lofty goal, but every bit helps! If you were thinking of getting us a “baby shower” gift, please forget that and donate instead. We can finance baby stuff, but we need help making the actual baby. Please consider making a donation to help us achieve this incredible life long dream!

Name Donation Date
Emily Kelley $20.00 August 19, 2022
Anonymous $10.00 July 12, 2022
Angie Anderson $200.00 March 25, 2022
Julie Sherman $36.00 March 16, 2022
Patti Borrello $200.00 March 15, 2022
Ellyn Weisz $36.00 March 15, 2022
Laura Friedrich $50.00 March 13, 2022
Sandy Flanagan $300.00 March 12, 2022
Lori Denley $50.00 March 09, 2022
Sandy Vermillion $100.00 March 07, 2022
Karen Baker $50.00 March 07, 2022
Robin Parker $50.00 March 07, 2022
Melanie Guidotti $50.00 March 07, 2022
Ashley Tobin $100.00 March 06, 2022
Katie Acker $25.00 March 06, 2022
Brian Koss $15.00 March 06, 2022
Amber Townsend $100.00 March 06, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 March 06, 2022
Elizabeth Alfonso $30.00 March 06, 2022
Julie Sherman commented with a $36 donation about 2 years ago
Hoping you are able to realize your dream for a baby.
Sandy Flanagan commented with a $300 donation about 2 years ago
You will be amazing parents, Love you both Aunt Sandy & Uncle Mike
Lori Denley commented with a $50 donation about 2 years ago
I'm so excited for y'all and hope you get to build your family soon!
Karen Baker commented with a $50 donation about 2 years ago
Best of luck sweet ladies! I'm puttin it out in the universe!
Robin Parker commented with a $50 donation about 2 years ago
I wish you both the best of luck with your endeavor to become parents!
Ashley Tobin commented with a $100 donation about 2 years ago
I’m wishing you all the best while traveling this road toward expanding your family! I cannot wait to see this happen for you all!!
Katie Acker commented with a $25 donation about 2 years ago
So excited for you guys! What a wonderful experience, very glad this option is out there!