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Fertility Treatments


by Amber Allen

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Gaithersburg, MD (US)

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Hello! My name is Amber and I’ve been blessed to have shared the past 6 years with the love of my life Giovanni! Our #1 dream is to build our family and become parents. Like all of us we’ve been thru so much together and no matter what we were always there for each and became stronger for it. We’ve both had hard lives since the start. A lot of pain, hurt, loss as children and young adults. We came out on the other side and found each other. We bonded over all of our similar misfortunes we had faced in our past. Wanting better, wanting more, knowing we deserved that. We knew we were meant to have that together and we knew God had us! We focused on ourselves, our relationship and our future. Always hoping and praying for the blessing of a healthy pregnancy and baby. After over 4 years with no luck we sought out help. After all we were getting older and nothing is more important to us. We really only have each other. We still have family out there but along with a loss of a parent and sister and other love ones way way too soon it’s very few and far between where we still have real family. See Giovanni and I were friends 1st and we always joked with each other and said if we both by the age of 35 haven’t yet had children that we would have them together. Obviously we fell in love and have been together ever since. Now that dream of having a child is seeming further and further away. When we went to the fertility doctors everything looked Good on my end even though I suffered two miscarriages prior. His test came back with some minor issues of mobility and morphology. He started taking vitamins and supplements that would help in those areas and made life changes as well. The doctors suggested we try IUI. We did that in the beginning of 2021, 3 rounds of it. All out of pocket. Our hopes were high and our prayers were loud. We kept faith and believed in our hearts it would work but unfortunately especially with the low % chances IUI offers it just didn’t. The doctors said how big and beautiful my eggs were and how much of a perfect sample he had had yet implantation never occurred. That 3 months were very tough and it was hard to accept the outcome but one thing we knew is we weren’t gonna give up. The doctors informed us and we already knew IVF would be the next step in the process. We looked into the costs, the options and every which way there was to get help in that area. We just had to figure it out financially….. still do. It’s really unfortunate that something so special, meaningful and beautiful in this life is also sometimes so difficult for even the best of people to obtain naturally. Especially when it’s so financially stenuous and unattainable. Since we don’t have insurance that will cover fertility treatments and the cost of getting insurance out of pocket for 1 maybe 2 IVF tries within that year, which is still like having a 2nd house payment in itself. We started saving up money and have some but it’s not nearly enough. Of course we continued to try naturally. Tracking my ovulation, continuing to take all required supplements, temperature checking, ovulation and pregnancy tests and lots of prying. Each month hoping my period wouldn’t come, each month another disappointment. Every year I told myself I can’t go into another year, another year older without us being able to at least be on the way of starting to accomplish our inner most desires; to be parents. This October I’ll be 39. Time is against us and it’s the scariest thing in the world to know that something that means so much to us and our future feels like is slipping away from us. Especially to me as a woman who wants nothing more than to bear a child, be a mother and feel the fulfillment, love and joy that comes along with it. Giovanni & I would do everything possible as parents and give our child everything it deserves unlike we got from our parents as children. Without that we just feel incomplete, without that opportunity feeling like it could never come or happen for us just sinks both our hearts into the pits of our stomachs. I know how great of a father Giovanni would be, I want to give that to him. I know I would be a great mother as well, I’m a natural care taker and always have been. I always believed that God wouldn’t ever allow Giovanni or I to not have such a blessing. We have this incredible love and this ability to overcome some of this worlds toughest situations. All we’re missing is our little family. A legacy to build, our nest to grow and our stamp on this world left behind in a precious child that we can have the honor of raising into a wonderful human being that we brought into this world. To have a baby of of own after everything we’ve been through in our lives means everything to us. I believe it would just be in Gods time, when it’s right but sometimes we have to take things into our own hands. We still trust in God with this and his guidance thru this whole situation. I know he will help me through successfully in pregnancy but sometimes we all need some help. I believe no matter how you bring a child into this world there is no wrong way as long as it’s done with love. We have been working with Shady Grove fertility in Maryland and things are just on pause until we can put together around $25,000. I trust in them, I trust in this process and I trust that with help we will be able to fulfill our dreams of parenthood.
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Amber & Giovanni