Baby Beasley In The Making

Boynton Beach, FL (US)
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Baby Beasley In The Making

by Amanda Beasley

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Boynton Beach, FL (US)

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On a beautiful, sunny day in February of 2019, Josh asked me to marry him as the waves crashed against the rocks and the salty air brushed against my skin. That day, I was overjoyed and filled with hope for our future. I never thought our marriage would be so severely impacted by infertility.

Since October of 2020, Josh and I have been trying to start our family. We’ve traveled to and from countless doctor’s appointments, undergone surgery and too many tests and procedures to count. We’ve tried multiple medications, we’ve been monitored, we’ve changed our lifestyles and gotten healthier, have seen some of the top specialists around, and have completed two unsuccessful IUI’s (with number three scheduled for tomorrow)…but we still haven’t gotten pregnant.

Throughout this journey, I have experienced medical gaslighting to the point of only eating 200 calories a day and going to the emergency room twice. I’ve tried medications and supplements that made me so sick, I could hardly get out of bed and my resting heart rate was over 140. I’ve endured trauma throughout an already difficult journey…at the hands of my healthcare providers. I have been in therapy learning to cope with it all.

Earlier this year, a third Reproductive Endocrinologist was recommended for us to try. I was hesitant, considering our past experiences. Dr. Weitzman has been kind, caring, compassionate, supportive, and as aggressive in our treatments as she can be. After thoughtful consideration, we have decided that IVF is the next step in our journey.

In working with my therapist, she has explained that while I am transparent about our journey, I also have to be vulnerable enough to ask for help and to let our support system know that this journey is and has already been financially grueling as many pieces have been out of pocket expenses, not covered by our insurance plan.

I am reaching out of my comfort zone, as suggested by my therapist, and asking for help…and this is extremely difficult for me to do. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to be doing this, but I’m trying to remain diligent in my therapy and growth. Much of our funding has been used up with our testing and IUI procedures.

With your help, we will be able to cover the cost of our IVF medications, monitoring via ultrasounds and bloodwork, anesthesia, egg retrieval, genetic testing, frozen embryo transfer, storing our embryos, transfer medications, and frozen embryo transfers.

We sincerely appreciate your time, support, prayers, and kind words throughout this journey. If you’re unable to donate or don’t feel compelled to, please consider sharing our story.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,
Josh & Amanda

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Krissy Durkin $25.00 July 02, 2024
Matthew Newton $25.00 July 02, 2024
Alex & Jill Knight commented with a $50 donation about 2 weeks ago
We will be praying for guys!
Richard Nardi commented with a $135 donation about 2 weeks ago
We wish you both all thee best luck in this journey.
Melanie Hertzberg commented with a $30 donation about 2 weeks ago
We are sending strength and love as you continue on this journey! - Melanie & Brad
Krissy Durkin commented with a $25 donation about 3 weeks ago
My husband and I are in a similar situation. I'm about to have another surgery and then in a few months we may be on to IVF too. Praying for you guys!