Baby Blessing for the Christison’s

Fort Mill, SC (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Baby Blessing for the Christison’s

by Yesenia Christison

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Fort Mill, SC (US)

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To all who read my story, thank you. Even if all you do is learn a little bit more about my family’s story, that is a win and it that makes the share all the more worth it. In doing this I not only hope to bring you into a small piece of my world but to also bring awareness to the heartbreaking struggles, many women are going through with infertility due to Endometriosis. My name is Yesenia, aka Yesi, and I was blessed to marry the man who makes my life a joy this past year.  My Casey. We’ve been together since 2016 and like most couples, did not think to start a family until we were ready. Now to rewind, on how we got here, I must start with the excruciating pain I’ve felt during my menstrual cycle since I was 13. I never knew it to be anything other than the cross I bear every month. I always felt that unfortunately I was not one of the lucky ones. As I got older and learned to advocate for my pain, I started to slowly realize I was not going through something natural. There was something that was not right about my cycle. Fast forward to December 25th, 2022, when I end up in the Emergency Room with excruciating pain that felt very near to what I could only imagine at the time as being being at the end of my life. It was that painful and that scary. All the doctor could diagnose was a large chocolate cyst on my ovary and urged me to see an OB-Gyn asap. I truly believe that God works all things in your life at specific times because from that moment forward, I was placed with the right doctors that led me to my Endometriosis diagnosis with my current OB-GYN. Imagine that feeling. Finally finding out what my pain had always been. Fast forward once more and I’ve had one major surgery to remove as much Endometriosis as possible and begin to plan for a baby as soon as possible. It’s been 6 months since we started trying to conceive and unfortunately have been unable to get pregnant. The word “Heartbreak” does not truly explain the feelings you get when you know the obstacles you are facing are caused due to factors that are not in your control. Due to my stage 4 endometriosis and age, my OB-GYN has referred me to a fertility specialist. As we are anticipating our first appointment with our Fertility specialist, we realize the immense cost of fertility treatments and what it will look like for us financially moving forward. No one can foresee the future, so when you are hit with the news that you will have to pay large amounts of money to have a baby, you suddenly begin to wish someone would have told you when you were younger, to begin to save for your future family. It’s hard to fully understand the costs as you think to yourself “isn’t this something that is supposed to be natural and easy for women?” The rollercoaster of emotions have come and gone since finding out we are part of the community of couples struggling with infertility.

I ask today for your help by donating to our fundraiser. My husband and I come from families full of unconditional love and support. We share a couple of our wedding pictures with you as our dream is to add to our beautiful families with a little blessing of our own. Any assistance is wholeheartedly welcome. Even sharing awareness of Endometriosis and how it’s affecting families is very appreciated. Advocacy for those suffering infertility is vital. One day we hope to pay the favor forward to others suffering the heartbreak of infertility. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your kindness.