Baby Cerny IVF

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Baby Cerny IVF

by Alisha Cerny

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Lincoln, NE (US)

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Hello! My name is Alisha. I’m fundraising for all the costs of our journey through IVF. Back in 2019 we started to try to start our family, and before that could really even happen, I was having issues with my reproductive system. Once I got off birth control my periods became incredibly irregular until they just stopped all together in December 2019. With no positive pregnancy tests. I went to the doctor, which began our 4 year journey to get to our point now. First I had to have a surgery to remove uterine fibroids, which also revealed I had some endometriosis as well, which the doctor removed as much as she could of that as well. Then I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Then came a plethora of other tests to see why I still wasn’t getting a period. When we finally got to a time where our doctor had us try Clomid, that didn’t work. In fact, it lowered my estrogen levels to the point where I was basically going into early menopause. That got me referred to the fertility clinic where we were given a 5% chance of IUI working, so it was straight to IVF. We ended up with 4 embryos. Our first transfer was unsuccessful, so we then had to try a second transfer about a month and a half after that. I am so SO happy to say that, that transfer was successful, and we are currently expecting our first baby!!

It is still not fully real that after all this time we are finally able to grow our family, and take that step forward that we’ve been longing to take for so so long! We knew it would be a major financial stretch to take this IVF route to make our dreams become a reality. Not fully knowing exactly what to expect, and there, of course, being some unexpected moments, the financial cost has become very high. So, looking down the barrel of all the costs of the medications, doctor visits, ultrasounds, the egg retrieval, and 2 embryo transfers, we are fundraising to try and cut down on all the cost. We would be so forever grateful if you would contribute to cost of making our family dreams become a reality. Even $5 would help! Thank you so much for your contribution!!
-Alisha & Andy, plus future baby C