Baby Dodd IVF Fund

Rochester, NY (US)
Created 3 months ago
Fertility Treatments

Baby Dodd IVF Fund

by Jazmyne Dodd

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$2,270.00 raised of $12,000.00 Goal
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Rochester, NY (US)

Jazmyne Dodd is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

“It is so possible for Gods glory and Gods goodness to be revealed in what may seem to be suffering or misfortune.”

We would like to thank you for taking the time to watch our video as we step out in faith. This is a very vulnerable part of our lives that we have decided to share with you all. We believe that there is so much beauty both Men and Women can find on this rocky road of infertility. The question is, How will one know about the beauty here in the middle [because infertility is not the beginning nor the end] if all of our stories are muted and put to shame? In efforts to spread awareness on Male Factor Infertility we proudly share a piece of our current experience with you. And though we don’t know what will become of this journey, we’re expecting a rainbow! We share this in hopes that you will have hope to believe with us.

Maybe you’re wondering how you can support our IVF journey. Well, giving is the way. It’s the giving that really makes the world go ‘round! When you give you are freely transferring possession of what you have to bless someone else. So whether you’re giving in prayer, hugs or monetarily, NONE of it is in vain. We’ve organized this Campaign for those that would like to give monetarily. It is your monetary contribution that will help us navigate the financial burden where seed and soil can collide. There are so many generous people out there in the world and we thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness!

Name Donation Date
Myreen Tross $50.00 February 28, 2024
Tiffany Anderson $50.00 February 28, 2024
Shay Bounds $70.00 February 26, 2024
Shay Bounds $70.00 February 26, 2024
Vanessa Hobbs $30.00 January 19, 2024
Taneisha Rodgers $70.00 January 17, 2024
Jasmine McCleary $100.00 January 15, 2024
Ruth Elisa $10.00 January 10, 2024
Terrence Shannon $50.00 January 08, 2024
Barbara forte $200.00 January 08, 2024
Alicia Williams $25.00 January 08, 2024
PatRena Smith $10.00 January 07, 2024
Whitnee Shipman $15.00 January 07, 2024
Carlena Bethea $50.00 January 07, 2024
Rae Givens $40.00 January 07, 2024
LaQuesha Johnson $20.00 January 06, 2024
Taaqia Couture $100.00 January 06, 2024
Jasmine Coley Gordon $10.00 January 06, 2024
Rita Hill $100.00 January 06, 2024
LaToya Warren $50.00 January 02, 2024
Michelle Dixon $500.00 January 01, 2024
Jennifer Bibb $25.00 December 28, 2023
Mary Maddox $25.00 December 28, 2023
Anonymous $40.00 December 28, 2023
Beverly Hill $50.00 December 28, 2023
Negaysha Boyd $50.00 December 27, 2023
Alicia Montalvo $50.00 December 26, 2023
Aly Ricci $50.00 December 23, 2023
Renijah Long $50.00 December 23, 2023
Theresa Lee-Whiting $100.00 December 23, 2023
Felicia Lane $50.00 December 22, 2023
Dean Lawrence $10.00 December 20, 2023
LaKeisha Washington $50.00 December 20, 2023
Magic Gretzky $25.00 December 19, 2023
Eric&Briana Stringer $25.00 December 18, 2023
Ke-nijah Holloman $25.00 December 17, 2023
Brittany Smiley-Jones $25.00 December 17, 2023
Myreen Tross commented with a $50 donation about 2 days ago
I Know that God Has A Double Blessing for you Both !! Don’t Listen to The Device of the Enemy. I love ❤️ you Both! Keep your Head up ! & Bring home those Twins !! Congratulations! 💯💯🙏🔑. It is So
Alicia Williams commented with a $25 donation about 2 months ago
Praying that God make a way for you too. His way is always the best way!!!! I love you both and I'm ready to send my gift for God's gift to the two of you!
Rae Givens commented with a $40 donation about 2 months ago
My husband and I have shared this fight… this journey. Our Goliath was (PCOS). We tried and tried, and my doctor told me to just expect to continue to struggle with pregnancy. Our son turns two next week. My family attaches our faith with your family.♥️
Michelle Dixon commented with a $500 donation about 2 months ago
Touching and agreeing with you guys to see God glory through your journey. Baby Dodd is on the way!
Anonymous commented with a $40 donation about 2 months ago
Praying for you and your journey to parenthood!
Negaysha Boyd commented with a $50 donation about 2 months ago
I believe God with ya’ll
Renijah Long commented with a $50 donation about 2 months ago
May God Bless you Both- The Longs
Theresa Lee-Whiting commented with a $100 donation about 2 months ago
Praying for your family! Love you guys!
Felicia Lane commented with a $50 donation about 2 months ago
I am believing God with you and for you!
LaKeisha Washington commented with a $50 donation about 2 months ago
Sewing into your future FRUIT!
Eric&Briana Stringer commented with a $25 donation about 2 months ago
We are believing for a miracle for the Dodds!!
Brittany Smiley-Jones commented with a $25 donation about 3 months ago
Genesis 22:17-18