Baby Garland

Saint Albans, WV (US)
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Baby Garland

by Alicia Garland

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Saint Albans, WV (US)

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My name is Alicia, I’m 35 and I’ve always since a teenager had issues with my reproductive parts. I had to be put on birth control as a teenager to even start my cycle as I would cramp horribly and never got one naturally, I then have experienced cysts, miscarriages and also a ectopic pregnancy. Fast forward several years and I had known I had endometriosis and had dealt with it, until it full raged and was unbearable. My Dr suggested a partial hysterectomy (I only had 1 tube due to ectopic) although the thought of a baby in the future was something I thought about I also was in a very abusive relationship that I honestly never saw a way to get out of. Upon agreeing I was told surgery would take 2 hours tops and was fairly simple. After 7 hours in the operating room I was finally done, the dr had to go back in 3 separate times to get all of endometriosis off of everything bladder and all. Was told was one of worst cases he had ever seen or operated on. A year later I finally had the strength to leave that abusive relationship and 6 months after and truly not looking or having any plans of looking I met my now husband. Instantly we were inseparable we prayed together we both got closer to God and knew we were meant to be together. We have Fatih and know God has brought us together for a reason and we want nothing more than to have a child of our own. I would be lying if I said it was always easy but getting up there in age and not seeing any financial miracles in the brew we’ve decided to give this a chance. I want to stay as positive as possible although there are times it just breaks my heart I will never carry his child I will never experience all of that with the man of my dreams, but to have our child and be able to raise our child would be the greatest blessing to us.

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