Baby Hartsoe

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Egg Preservation

Baby Hartsoe

by Hannah Ercolano

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Randleman, NC (US)

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Hello everyone,
As some of you. May know Jordan and I have been going through a personal ordeal. Immediately after our wedding I began having some health issues. After months of tests, different doctors, and waiting a cantaloupe sized mass on my right ovary was found to be the culprit of my various symptoms. On April 29, 2022, I had a surgical procedure to have as much of the mass removed while also allowing me to keep the small bit of right ovary that I had left in hopes of giving us the best chance of being able to begin a family of our own. I went into my three month post operative scan hopeful that I might be pregnant as all the stars and signs were aligned.
Unfortunately, these stars and signs were pointing to a recurrence of the previous mass. This new mass had been and was continuing to grow at a rate of 1.5cm/week. Jordan and I received two second opinions on our course of treatment and we began the process of looking into fertility preservation options. Everyone agreed that the new surgical plan should be complete removal of the right ovary. Our post-operative fertility plan was to try to conceive naturally/with minimal medical/hormonal intervention for six months while increasing scanning to ensure that there was no growth on the left ovary. As soon as growth was seen on the left ovary fertility treatments to preserve as many eggs as possible would begin.
I underwent surgery on August 19, 2022, and it much to our dismay, did not go as anyone hoped. While the right ovary was removed without incident the beginnings of. Cyst/mass were developing on the left ovary already. What could be drained/removed from the left without causing damage to the ovary was removed. Every recurrence and new occurrence increases my risk of ovarian cancer so eventually my left ovary will also need to be removed, we are going to try to push that off for as long as safely possible. However, we are now on an even shorter timeline than before, and we are now in the position to ask for your help. It’s not something we’ve ever wanted to do or hoped we would have to but its where life has brought us.
Over the past eight months we have encountered ever increasing medical costs associated with diagnosis, treatment, surgical costs, and recovery related costs. This we all had somewhat under control. If Jordan and I are to be able to have children, we are now at the point where egg removal and preservation with Invitro fertilization down the line being our main option outside of a miracle. We have no idea how fast this new growth will progress or how long we have before we will have to remove my remaining ovary.
We have received cost estimates on this process and are now asking our friends and family for any help that they are comfortable to provide. The cost of one round of these treatments estimates to begin just under $15,000 and end towards $25,000 depending on specific needs and success. We want you all to know that we realize this is a huge cost and not something we have taken lightly. We are so grateful that modern medicine has come so far to allow us this option for very soon might be our only option if we want to have any children. However, this is not a cost we can afford alone which is why we are asking you, our friends and family, for any help you feel comfortable to provide. We appreciate every penny and well wish that you can afford us and will provide updates as this process moves forward. We love you all and thank you so much for all your support whether it be mental, emotional, physical, or financial. Thank you so much.