Baby MAC

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Baby MAC

by Jessica McDonald

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Campaign Story

We are Bobby and Jessica McDonald, we have been struggling to get pregnant for 8 long years. We know that isn’t as long as other couples who have been trying for decades. We have had two failed rounds of IVF, we know we are lucky to be able to get to where we are done what we have so far. We are fortunate to have one embryo left in the freezer though and we are hanging onto hope to bring home a miracle. With that said we were hoping our friends and family may find it in their hearts to help us with our goal for a new round of IVF. Even though we have one embryo remaining, chances are better with two! We honestly just thank you for even reading this, let alone helping. There are so many deserving couples in the world that suffer from infertility, we are the 1 in 8 out of couples having difficulty to conceive. Our first round of IVF we had high hopes, we thought this was what it will take to have a baby, we were so sure. During that cycle we collected only 5 eggs, out of those 5 eggs, we only had 2 embryos that made it. Which was ok, because it only takes one and science is great and this is going to work! We were unfortunately not pregnant, failed cycle. We were just thinking but why this was supposed to be it right, this was supposed to get us pregnant, why did science fail?! So, we consulted our doctor and signed up for round 2. This cycle was so different, way less evasive and honestly I enjoyed it more than the first. We collected 8 eggs this time, all mature, all fertilized, all growing great on day 3. We get to our transfer, day 5, and couldn’t believe we had 6 embryos healthy and growing. What a huge accomplishment from the previous cycle! So we transfer the best two embryos we had. We got the call on day 6 that out of the 4 we had left only 1 made it. That was a bit heartbreaking but we were thankful to have the one since last time we had nothing. We want nothing more than to grow our family and with help we just might be on the right path! Love the McDonald’s