Baby Ralls

Choctaw, Ok (US)
Created 8 months ago
Fertility Treatments

Baby Ralls

by Traci Davis

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Choctaw, Ok (US)

Traci Davis is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Ashlea Ralls.

Campaign Story

Dear Family, friends and compassionate individuals,

I reach out to you today with a heartfelt plea for assistance. My name is Traci, and I am the proud mother of Ashlea Ralls, a remarkable and successful young woman. Ashlea and her loving husband Jerrod have been on a challenging journey to conceive a child, but sadly, they have encountered numerous obstacles along the way.

Despite following their doctor’s guidance diligently, the methods they have tried have not yielded the desired results. This has left them with only one remaining option: IVF. As many of you may know, these procedures come with a hefty price tag, one that Ashlea and Jerrod cannot bear alone.

In an effort to support my daughter and son-in-law in their quest to start a family, I have decided to create this fundraiser. I humbly ask for your help, as any contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a world of difference. Together, we can alleviate the financial burden weighing heavily on Ashlea and Jerrod’s shoulders and give them the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood.

During this challenging time, I kindly request that you keep Ashlea and Jerrod in your thoughts and prayers. Their unwavering determination and resilience in the face of adversity deserve all the support and encouragement we can offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. Your generosity and compassion will forever be cherished in our hearts. Let us join hands and sow the seeds of hope for Ashlea and Jerrod’s dreams to blossom into reality.

With heartfelt gratitude,


Name Donation Date
Megan McClure $20.00 December 19, 2023
Tammie Rudlang $100.00 November 09, 2023
Tammy Stirlen $150.00 November 03, 2023
Krystal Conner $100.00 November 02, 2023
Justin Bulmer $100.00 November 02, 2023
Heather Harris $20.00 November 01, 2023
Jordyn Jones $50.00 November 01, 2023
Tammie Rudlang commented with a $100 donation about 8 months ago
Love you and praying for your this special blessing for your beautiful family ๐Ÿ’œ
Justin Bulmer commented with a $100 donation about 8 months ago
Wish the best for you guys.
Heather Harris commented with a $20 donation about 8 months ago
You two are such amazing and beautiful people inside and out. This world will be receiving such an amazing gift when you two make a little human :) I love you both and Iโ€™m very thankful to have met you guys.
Jordyn Jones commented with a $50 donation about 8 months ago
Praying endlessly for you guys!