Baby Snyder IVF Fund

Plain City, OH (US)
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Baby Snyder IVF Fund

by Kimberly Smith

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Plain City, OH (US)

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Campaign Story

We contemplated starting this and sharing our story with others, but so many of our friends and family have asked how they can help, have prayed over us, and have been there for us through all of the heartache and pain the last six months that we thought it was only right to share with others and give those who want to help a way to do so.

As many know, Andy and I have had a very difficult two years. In 2020 we were forced to make a difficult decision, for the protection of our friends and family- to cancel our wedding & reception with friends and family. Not knowing when we would be able to be in person together again, we decided to have a small intimate ceremony at our church and home in Ohio with parents & siblings. We initially postponed to May ’21, and had to yet again postpone for what we had hoped would be the last and final time in September ’21.

In early May of 2021 Andy and I experienced our first miscarriage after trying for nearly six months. We were fortunate to get pregnant again just two months later in early July, but as timing would have it- we found out we were pregnant just a few short weeks after I had severely herniated a disc in my lower back. Nearly bedridden with zero pain meds for the first two months of my pregnancy due to severe nerve pain. On August 12th, the pain became unbearable and woke up with neuropathy in my left leg. I was taken to the emergency room at Riverside Methodist in Columbus, OH where I was admitted and ended up needing emergency back surgery. Faced with what would be the first difficult decision on our journey to parenting – it was to have surgery while I was only 8 weeks pregnant.

Andy and I are grateful for the entire medical care team and our obstetrician practice & fetal maternal who monitored the baby before and after surgery. A week later, home from surgery – I had my first formal OB appointment. The baby’s heartbeat strong and told was doing great. Knowing it was already a risky pregnancy due to not only my age, we had introduced radiation levels from the fluoroscopy during surgery, alongside pain meds and anesthesia.

Three weeks later, while making lunch in the kitchen and Andy at work – I keeled over from a sharp pain in my side. Within 15 minutes I couldn’t hear anyone, my vision was becoming distorted, I was sweating profusely through my clothing, and my entire belly/abdomen distended. Fortunate that our good friend who also happens to be a nurse was home, rushed over and took my blood pressure which was at dangerous levels. The ambulance was called, I passed out and barely remember the trip to the hospital.

Within just a few short hours I was given more tests, dozens of labs, an x-ray, MRI and ultrasound. The pain had moved up into my upper right rib/shoulder region and became unbearable. The next thing that happened will be forever imprinted in my memory – we were told they couldn’t find a heart beat. Devestated, we still didn’t believe it – we had both thought we heard it just a few minutes before. The Dr’s could only see pooling of blood in my belly so wrote it off to being a cyst that had ruptured.

The next 24hrs are somewhat of a blur. I was admitted into the hospital. The pain continued, difficult to manage with even the strongest of meds, and by 6AM I had a team of doctor’s and nurses in my room rushing me to the ER because my blood levels had dropped to severe levels.

When I woke up I was told I was very lucky. 2.5 blood transfusions and a missed heterotopic pregnancy. I didn’t know what this was either at first… but it means there was one baby in utero, and another (missed) second pregnancy in my tube which had ruptured. They told me I was the 1 in 30,000 – very rare.
We had lost both babies and my right tube. We know that one of our babies was a boy, but due to a mix-up at the lab, we will never know the other gender of our baby which is very difficult.
OH! And did we mention this all happened two days before our third-time rescheduled wedding?

On the road to healing, after a few months – Andy and I decided to try again. After trying for another 5-6mos, many tests and fertility meds later- we are still unable to get pregnant. We know that our ages (Me: 37, Andy 41) don’t help, but with one tube this is also working against us.

This has ultimately led us to explore our options with IVF.
For anyone that has been through IVF, you know the financial burden. Not only have we lost nearly 15-20K in accumulated wedding expenses for a wedding we never had, but we are now about to head down a very costly path – just for the mere *hope* to have a family of our own.

In March, Kim will be traveling to Buffalo (her hometown) to start our first IVF cycle and we expect that due to age, we will need to do a minimum of two retrieval cycles before we can even transfer. Each cycle including meds, genetic testing, monitoring, labwork, ultrasounds, anesthesia & more will be around $15-16K.

We don’t expect, nor ask anyone to contribute to this fund through “Gift of Parenthood”, but have had some close friends & family ask how they can help. Outside of many, MANY prayers, any amount helps. Kim has also taken a step back in her career recently to focus on health and starting our family.

Finally, Andy and I are very strong in our faith and know that God is leading us down this path. And although nothing is ever guaranteed- even with IVF- we are hopeful that with prayers, a lot of love, and little bit of science – we will be able to have our own family someday.

With Much Love,
Kim & Andy