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Fertility Treatments


by Celia Smith

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Joplin, MO (US)

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My husband ,Colton, and I met in March of 2016. We always say that we saved each other because we were two broken people that were exactly what the other one needed. We always get asked how we do what we do because we have worked together since the beginning, so we are legitimately together 24/7. When we first met, we intuitively knew this was it and we wanted to start a family so about 6 months in I got my Mirena taken out. We never actively tried but we took all prevention away. On December 31,2019 Colton ended up in the hospital for liver failure due to drinking, since then we have lived completely alcohol free and 6 months after he started his road to recovery, we bought our first home. We both work at his dad’s car lot GLS Autos, LLC. It is our future, so we have the career, and the home , the only thing missing in our world is a baby. In September of 2020 we were so excited because we found out we were pregnant. However, the excitement was truly short lived because right away we knew something was not quite right. We went to CHOICES, and they confirmed pregnancy and after multiple blood draws ( one being misplaced) we found out my HCG levels were not rising the way they should. On October 2nd we went to a local midwife to talk to her and get checked out, she wanted to do more blood tests so, we were waiting on the results when about 5 hours after we left her office, I started to be in excruciating pain. My husband took me to the ER, and they confirmed that we had an ectopic pregnancy and it had ruptured and I needed to have emergency surgery. After I had healed my husband and I decided that we wanted to actively start trying. I had always been very regular with my menstrual cycles and so I started ovulation tests at home, and everything checked out and we had sex at the right times and yet nothing was happening. May 12th, I went in for a HSG and it did confirm my worst nightmare. Female infertility, I am missing my left fallopian tube due to the ectopic and there was zero free spillage from the right. So, now we are on to our next journey of the world of IVF. Colton and I would love absolutely nothing more than to be parents. We have been lucky enough to have our nieces and nephews to love on in the meantime but we long for the pitter patter of little feet running on our hardwood floors. I know it will be a long journey and parenting is not for the faint of heart but, we have God, we have each other to lean on and a great family support system on both sides and I know that Colton and I will make great parents and are ready for whatever we need to do. We have officially started our journey and we are getting ready to transfer at the beginning of January (we were blessed with two little perfect embryos). As for everyone it has created some financial hardships, right now we are out of pocket a very large amount for bills, medicine and hotel stays due to the distance. Either way whether it be prayers, a dollar or ten thousand dollars we appreciate the love and support from everyone and we are so thankful we still have the chance to have a baby!

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Heather Coleman $50.00 December 25, 2021
Morgan Ferguson $100.00 December 22, 2021
Breann Willoughby $30.00 December 22, 2021