The Nix Family Fertility Story

Salem, IL (US)
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The Nix Family Fertility Story

by Baileigh Nix

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Salem, IL (US)

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We are Travis and Baileigh Nix. We have been together for the past 4 years and got married last November. We have been trying to start a family about a year after we started dating. But, we had some difficulties through out our journey. My story (Baileigh) started when I was just 12 years old, when the doctors found my first cyst on my ovary that was 9cm in diameter. I was sent over to St. Louis were they scheduled my first surgery to cut and removed the cyst off of my ovary. The doctors told me that I should be fine from here but, come back if I had any more problems. I return just 3-4 months later in pain again. This time they would find another cyst 12 cm in diameter. They scheduled emergency surgery and did the same as last time. They sent me to see an OBGYN after the second surgery to see about birth control to start my cycle and to control the cyst growth. The birth control did not work, I returned back to St. Louis 3-4 later with now multiple cyst on my ovary. Between my doctor, student doctors and my OBGYN at the time decided the best result would be removing my right tube and ovary along with the cyst. At 12 years old I made the choice to remove half of my chances of having a family later on in life. Shockingly, four years later I ended up pregnant at 16. I kept and raised my beautiful daughter. She is now eight and the only child. I have not been pregnant since. I finally met Travis and we were ready to start a family when he got diagnosed at 27 with Type 1 diabetes. Then a year later, he found a lump and it turn out to be Testicular Cancer. He found it and two weeks later he was having surgery to remove the lump and one of his testes. Two weeks after his surgery he had to do 3 months of chemo because his scans showed that it had spend to different places. Once we were out of the woods of his chemo, I started having pain again but on my left side. I went and saw my OBGYN to find out that I now have cyst on my left side but no where near the size of my old ones. My blood work showed no signs of PCOS so our other option was Endometriosis which can only be found with surgery. We finally made the choice to schedule the surgery and there was no Endometriosis but, my left tube is now twisted, and my ovary is covered in small cyst. Between the two of us, its been a world wind of problems and struggles. We are ready to have a baby of our own and ready to give our daughter a sibling in our home. We receached out to STL Fertility and they are ready to help us make this possible! Any type of help for our family is just a blessing and we can not thank everyone enough!