Barca Baby Transfer

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Barca Baby Transfer

by Eleanor Barca

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Gorham, ME (US)

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Hello! I’m Eleanor and that’s my hubby Drew. We’ve been TTC since April 2021 and within a few months started to realize our journey would not be as simple.
My body managed to tell me something wasn’t right by having anovulatory bleeding. 5 attempts at Letrozole and 2 attempts at Clomid didn’t trigger ovulation.
Within a year of starting, we were at Boston IVF for consultation. After routine labs and testing, I came back with low LMH my for age My level was 0.6 at age 32. We decided to go straight to IVF and had our 1st retreival in August 2022. We retrieved 4 eggs which gave us 1 embryo.
We transferred the embryo on October 11th. A positive pregnancy test showed on the 17th and following beta tests, while starting low, more than doubled at each check. Everything was going well and a 6 week scan was scheduled. On October 31st, I woke up to bleeding and cramping. A blood test that morning, and another 2 days later confirmed a miscarriage.
It was a difficult time for us. Our beloved family cat had passed on October 27th and grief was all consuming for days. Our one embryo hadn’t worked.
It took nearly 7 weeks for my HCG level to go below 1, the entire time knowing I wasn’t pregnant, but an at home test would show I was.
In January, we started the retrieval process again. Hoping to be more successful, my medication doses were increased. We still however got 4 eggs again, which gave us 2 embryos, 1 of which came back normal from PGT results.
I know grading can mean a lot to some and not much to others, but our normal embryo is a Day 7 6AA grade. We’re holding onto all the hope possible.
Like our last transfer, I will be looking to do acupuncture to help my body. I have done acupuncture throughout the process and have found it relaxing and will do what I can. The embryo is our last chance this year. We won’t be able to try again till Maines new las takes effect for infertility insurance coverage (though details aren’t know on what the coverage will look like)

We are fortunate, that through our work, we have Progyny coverage, so the majority of our treatment has been covered. This year however, some of my retrieval testing wasn’t covered and we have bills of around $1300. While this is doable at any other time to make monthly bulk payments, wanting and needing to have acupuncture to help my body for our transfer is our priority, but presently both can’t be afforded when 6 sessions of acupuncture will cost around $300.

What ever little can be given will help us give our embryo the best chance possible.