Be a Piece of the Puzzle of Parenthood for A&A

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Be a Piece of the Puzzle of Parenthood for A&A

by Lindsay Clayborn

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Boise, ID (US)

Lindsay Clayborn is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Amanda & Andrew Spidell.

Campaign Story

Hi! My name is Lindsay; I am Andrew Spidell’s Sister, Amanda’s Sister-In-Law and Charlotte & Ireland’s Auntie!

I want to share the story of A&A’s Fertility Journey, which has been full of so much love, perseverance, heartbreak & loss. (If you are not familiar with their journey see story below) I am asking if you are inspired to join me in helping renew some HOPE for 2 of the most deserving people on this earth, you might contribute to or even just share this campaign! Together we can complete the puzzle (see the puzzle plan below & then their story to follow) and give them the opportunity to be parents to a baby here on earth, not just the ones in Heaven!

I know Andrew & Amanda would never give up on their dreams but time is running short and mother nature may give up before they have a chance to fulfill this dream! After their most recent IVF cycle it was determined egg reserve is running very low and they will need at least 4 more rounds of IVF to have a chance of retrieving enough healthy embryos for a successful pregnancy. They were determined to just start saving again but if anyone knows the cost of just 1 round of IVF is about 20k-30k and time is running short. Amanda found an out of state clinic who believes they can help and is willing to guarantee a live birth within 6 rounds and total out of pocket cost of 28k (not including the medications which will be about 25k more plus travel across the country about 7 times) but if not successful they will refund 75% so they can use the money to move on to Suragocy or Adoption! I wanted to do this fundraiser because I don’t want them to miss out on taking this opportunity and they so deserve this! They have always put others first and carried their grief over the last 14 years with such grace… this is our chance to show them THEY ARE LOVED!

The Puzzle Piece Fundraiser:

1.) We have ordered a 1000 Piece Custom Puzzle and our goal is to complete the puzzle with each donation received!

2.) A donation of any size gets your name on at least 1 piece of the puzzle. Bigger donations will get multiple pieces to display your name across! to hit the goal I calculated the following example:
4 Corner Pieces @ a $500 Donation =$2,000
126 Side Pieces @ a $100 Donation = $12,600
870 Center Pieces @ avg. $20 Donation = $17,400
(but there is no amount too great or too small )

3.) Once you make a donation I will write your name on the piece or pieces of the puzzle and send you a picture!

4.) Donations can be made to this Fundraiser or checks can also be written and mailed to A&A (message me for the address) and I am also pretty sure you can find them on Venmo & Cash App!

5.) Once the goal has been met we will put the puzzle together and place it in a double sided glass frame to be displayed in the nursery for new Baby Spidell!

6.) If you are unable to donate even sharing this campaign can be a huge help! Maybe you do not even know A &A personally but just want to be a part of making a Dream Come True for two very special people!

I have no doubt one day Andrew and Amanda will be sitting with their child and showing them the names of all the wonderful people who helped bring them into this world and in doing so honored theirs sisters’ memories!

A & A’s Infertility Story:

…14 yrs of praying for a family of their own. The first 10yrs they quietly struggled with unexplained infertility and just continued to pray one day their prayers would be answered. After years of studying fertility and trying everything under the sun they finally got pregnant! Although things ended in unimaginable heartbreak when my first little Neice was born too soon. Amanda had Preterm- Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) and woke one morning late in her second trimester to a prolapsed umbilical cord. They rushed to the hospital and received unimaginable news… Little Charlotte Belle still had a strong heartbeat but they were told she wasn’t quite to “Age of Viability” for our local hospitals standards. So they said they would not do any sort of life saving intervention for little Charlotte once she arrived. Their only option was “Comfort Care”… Which basically means you get to hold your baby and comfort her until she passes away in your arms. After saying goodbye to their sweet Angel Charlotte they went on to experience FIVE more last first trimester miscarriages. Every time with a plan that if they could make it the second trimester again they would move out of state to be near a hospital with an earlier Age of Viability so if faced with another preterm labor they would have more options than just Comfort Care! They were willing to do whatever it took to bring home their baby! Well last year they got that chance and they became pregnant with my niece Ireland Grace and at 20 weeks they moved to Florida for 2 months to get prenantal care at one of the top Maternity/NICU Hospitals in the country! They were able to come home STILL PREGNANT and went on to have a full term pregnancy. And their beautiful baby girl was born on 1/18/22 healthy & perfect. They were on cloud 9, after 14 yrs they were bringing home their baby! Then the unthinkable, every parents worst nightmare… After just 10days of pure bliss…They woke to find our sweet Ireland not breathing in her bassinet. Amanda began CPR and Andrew called 911 they got her back but after 3 long days in the NICU she was unable to make it on her own without life support. I can not even begin to imagine the pain of having to bury your child, your dream come true, your heart. But somehow they are getting up each day and still breathing and loving and giving. Please, if you have read this far, help me help them write the next chapter of this story! Let us bring them hope of brighter tomorrows. A life filled with baby kisses, little kids laughter, a chance to raise a beautiful child and become the parents they have always been destine to be!