Blessing The Boyd Family

Leslie , AR (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Blessing The Boyd Family

by Tricia Boyd

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Leslie , AR (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello! We are Austin and Tricia Boyd. We’ve been together since 2003 and have struggled with infertility our entire adult lives. In 2021 we began the fertility treatment journey paying fully out of pocket.

During this journey our fertility doctor suggested we begin with IUI even though we insisted on going straight to IVF because that was the only money we had to be able to fulfill our dreams of being parents. Unfortunately that dream didn’t happen and the funding ran out.

Our hearts were broken and for the past two years we had basically given up on the idea that it was even possible for us to be able to conceive. That is until my my sister had her baby on October 9, 2023 and my brother recently announced he and his partner were pregnant with their fifth child.

Being the only ones in our family who have never been pregnant has been extremely hard on us. So hard that we almost gave up hope on the chance of it ever happening. So hard that we at one time had gotten to the point we hated the idea of it because it’s so unfair for those of us struggling with such a hard emotional and physical roller coaster month after month of not being able to conceive with negative pregnancy tests. We had lost all hope.

But after seeing my sisters first baby ever and first baby girl, it gave us both some hope again. I am 38 while my husband is 36 and knowing my brother is 42 with his girlfriend close to our age and they are able to continue on this journey of parenthood, it gives us hope that there is still a chance.

I have stage 4 possibly even stage 5 endometriosis. I have had a laparoscopic surgery to have it removed in 2015 only for it to come back again four months later. It’s been the leading cause to our infertility issues and one I do not wish on any woman ever. Not only does it affect 1 in 8 women, but it’s painful physically and emotionally on it’s own and then you add infertility to it, it’s 10X worse.

Endometriosis and infertility has caused depression and anxiety affecting my mental health in ways I’ve never experienced before. The combination of both increases the depression and anxiety as well as affects stress in our household.

All we want is for just one real opportunity for IVF to be able to conceive one baby that we can love with God’s Agapè love and to raise our baby to be a productive member of society that gives back to the world the same we both do by thinking bigger than ourselves. Just one opportunity is all we are asking for. Our hearts are so big and full of love to carry out our own pregnancy for a child of our own.

I want the pregnancy journey. I want my hormones to be out of wack. I want to feel life growing, kicking and turning inside of me. I want the experience of giving birth to a child of our own flesh and blood.

It’s so hard seeing everyone in my family be able to bring life into this world. I question God now more than ever since my sister had her first baby at the age of 19 and I am 38 never having the opportunity to be pregnant. It’s so hard to trust in something or someone that says He doesn’t want us going through this terrible emotional pain in life only to have it happening. But I do no matter how hard it seems at times.

Thankfully I do live in one of the 21 states that has some insurance coverage for fertility, but it doesn’t cover it all. It’s bare minimum at that.

So if you were touched by our story and you feel led to make a donation or share our story with someone who might, we would truly appreciate the support. And although I am specifically struggling with trusting God’s plan for our fertility journey, we would absolutely love if you could pray for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you to those of you who sent a prayer or a donation. We appreciate you all.

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