Creating Baby C

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Creating Baby C

by Alexis Goodman

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Jacksonville, Fl (US)

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Until recently, the only thing I truly planned for in life was to become a mother. My life goals revolved around becoming a mother, and a little over a year ago, I thought those dreams were coming true, until we experienced an unexplained late pregnancy loss. We went through months of testing to try and figure out what happened, but we never got the answers we were seeking. Instead, three weeks after my 25 birthday, after months of different tests, I was told I had diminished ovarian reserve linked to perimenopause. After seeing five different doctors at three different clinics, I had to come to terms to my new reality: my reproductive years were coming to an end, faster than I had ever imagined. I knew we were having fertility troubles, and I had always assumed it would be linked to the loss we had, but I never would have imagined receiving the infertility diagnosis I did, with no doctor being able to find a reason why I was experiencing the diagnosis I have.

Our first cycle was more successful than we had expected. We retrieved 5 eggs, all mature, resulting in 3 beautiful embryos. Unfortunately, on Day Four, they all arrested due to a lab error, where the clinic mistakingly used already recalled embryo media, destroying the embryos we had worked so hard to create. We are, of course, working to have this remedy, as it is something that never should have happened, but that takes time, and time is something we do not have much of, in terms of waiting to do another retrieval. We are now working with a new clinic, and have high hopes of the results being what they should have been our last retrieval, resulting in transferable embryos.

Our next cycle is scheduled to start at the end of April or early May, depending on where my cycle lies. We are very excited to restart this journey, with a clinic who is more attentive to detail and will take more care of our embryos, than the last. We could use all of the support and prayers, and are very thankful for the love we have been given by friends and family on our journey to parenthood so far.

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I wish you both the best in this journey 💞Love you