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Marysville, Oh (US)
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Brittany’s Hope

by brittany Harding

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Marysville, Oh (US)

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Warning (you may cry and this is long) Hello, my name is brittany. I am 30 years old and I live in Ohio. I am reaching out to all of you in hope that you can help me. I never ask for help and I’m learning to speak up. I’ve always been the type to put others before myself.
I am reaching out to you in hopes that you can help me in raising money for my surrogacy journey.
(A little background) I was diagnosed of endometriosis at the age of 15. I was then out in the depoprovera shot for 10+years to stop me from having periods. Since that time I was diagnosed of PCOS. I have a heart condition called POTS, it is a rare condition and it can affect the progression of pregnancy and has a higher risk of miscarriage. I’ve spent numerous times in the ER for severe pain. I was always told there was nothing anyone can do, so I suffered through it,
In December of 2019, I met the love of my life. He literally was my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me. He was my soulmate. We literally did everything together and were 2 pees in a pod. It was love at first sight. I truly believe God gave me him to show me what true love is. Matthew and I went through a lot with eachother.
Due to me being a pre mature child, I was in and out of hospitals. Running tests, endless lab draws. At the age of 3 months, I had my first abdominal surgery. Since dating Matthew, Matthew has been to every dr appt, every hospital stay. I always told him he can go home and he’d insist on staying with me. Matthew loved me unconditionally. A way I’ve never been loved before.
Matthew and I started dating officially on 1/3/20. 6 months into our relationship we decided we wanted to try to have a baby together . I know, excited right !🥰so I went to my pcp, I got off my birth control and it was now baby making time. Matthew and I tried and tried for 6 months. No luck. We were then referred to a ivf specialist. It was there where I was infertile and we needed to go through ivf. We went through ivf together, and let me tell you, it is a journey, and can pull on your heart strings.
Having a child together, is/was our dream. It was everything that would make our life complete, like the last piece of the puzzle. Matthew would always do the shots for me
And would kiss and rub my belly. We would talk about girl and boy names and he would get so excited.
After countless cancelled transfers, excruciating pain, uterine balloon expansion, ultrasounds, it was discovered that my uterine lining was to thin to carry our baby and Matt was also worried about my heart. So we made the decision to go the surrogacy root. By November of 2021, I has a full hysterectomy.
On May 30th, 2022, my life was forever changed. Matthew had tragically passed away. I have been devastated. I not only lost the love of my life that day but I lost my bestfriend. On the 29th of may we were just picking out baby names and had a schedule to meet with our lawyers to start the process of things.
After talking to friends and family, I have decided to still have Matt’s child. I want to carry out his wish and dream.
Since Matthew passed, bills have been piling up and I have been just throwing myself into work. I work non stop 6 days a week. I come to you today in hopes that you can help me reach my goal.

My apologies for this post being so long.