Chubby Cheeks & Little Feet

Woodbridge, VA (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Chubby Cheeks & Little Feet

by Shannon Nelson

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Woodbridge, VA (US)

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Most of you may know us already but for those of you that don’t, our names are Shevelle & Shannon. We have known each other for over 10 years and recently got married earlier this year. Back in Oct 2021 we decided that we were going to start the process of expanding our family. We have both completed just about all of the testing that is required for fertility treatments. In February 2022 we decided that we would move forward with trying to conceive. We were told that the AMH levels for our age should be about a 2.5 but unfortunately neither of us have levels above a 2.0. We decided that we would still try to conceive through intrauterine insemination (IUI). The success rate for a female our age with no issues is about a 20-25% chance but for those with unexplained infertility and fertility medicine it is a 15-25% success rate. These past 8 months have been very hard for us and we are starting to lose hope, from the countless doctor visits, fertility meds, and expensive procedures. We have completed 4 IUI procedures costing us almost 10k, resulting in no success. Each time we start off very hopeful that things are going to work but that is never the outcome.

We have decided that we would like to try 1 round of INVOcell. INVOcell is a small, body-safe device that holds eggs and sperm inside your body during the fertilization and incubation periods. We would have to go through the process of self-injections to retrieve eggs, ICSI where they inject the sperm in the eggs, and inserting the fertilized egg back into our body in hopes that it will stick and our body carry the baby. We are taking a big chance but have big hopes that this will work based on the success rates. We have decided to go this route due to the failed IUI rounds and less medicine required for INVOcell vs. IVF. Both INVOcell and IVF have the same success rates except one requires less medicine than the other. There are not many fertility clinics in the United States that offer INVOcell but we have done our research and found one of the best clinics called Innovative Fertility Specialist which is located in Alabama. We are hoping to start the process sometime before the end of this year in hopes of success.

INVOcell is our last option that we are willing to try and we hope that you would be so kind to donate to our fundraiser to help with some of the cost for our fertility treatments. Sadly our insurance does not help cover the cost of any fertility treatments.

Consultation $600.00
HSG test $600.00
1 INVOcell procedure $4500.00
Medicine $1500.00
1 vial of sperm $1220.00
Freezing & Storage of embryo $750.00/yr
TOTAL $9170.00

Name Donation Date
Celena Grant $50.00 September 19, 2022
Sheryl Washington $200.00 September 05, 2022
William Chase $100.00 September 04, 2022
Evangeline Rosel $150.00 September 04, 2022
Breanah Settle $60.00 September 03, 2022
Daniel Vorsky $50.00 August 27, 2022
Tairani Manguera $200.00 August 15, 2022
Taylor Cross $50.00 August 13, 2022
Aleksandra Mouratidis $100.00 August 12, 2022
Ashanti Thompson $50.00 August 12, 2022
Celena Grant commented with a $50 donation about 5 months ago
Rooting for you both ❤️
Evangeline Rosel commented with a $150 donation about 5 months ago
Sending our love and best wishes on this journey. Always, the Rosel-McGlone Family
Daniel Vorsky commented with a $50 donation about 5 months ago
Love you both so much! Sending love and luck to you both! Love, Dan, Revé, and Olivia
Tairani Manguera commented with a $200 donation about 6 months ago
Wishing You Both The Best!
Taylor Cross commented with a $50 donation about 6 months ago
Ashanti Thompson commented with a $50 donation about 6 months ago
Wishing y’all baby dust and success! Hopefully we will all have another little one running around soon.