Desperate dreams: A cry for help to start a family

Temple , Texas (US)
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Desperate dreams: A cry for help to start a family

by Courtney Manning

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Temple , Texas (US)

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Hello my name is Courtney Manning, my boyfriend Cody Cathey. We have been together 8 years and 6 months. We started dating back in 2015, went on to try to have children 3 years later, which we ended up getting pregnant but all would come to an end to soon. . We got pregnant we were so happy . Until 3 months in I start to miscarry. Not only was losing the child traumatic but I bleed for 3 months straight before any doctor could tell me why. I proceeded to go under surgery to removed the baby. Fast forward a year later we end up pregnant again. This time wasn’t long until I miscarried again. All they could tell me was that “1 in every 4 woman will miscarry “ so at this point we are in distress because we assume we can’t have children. 3 years later in 2022 the unexpected happens again. This time for sure we think. Third time is a charm. Well everything was going good until I hit 8 weeks and 3 days. Something was just off. I remember telling Cody that this pain is different and is not right. I proceeded to go to the bathroom thinking I may needed to go . Instead I fall onto the floor and start to shake and everything was hurting at that point. Cody gets me in the truck and drives me to the hospital. They take me back as soon as I walk in. Start to do ultrasounds and that’s when they were alarmed. Nothing was said to me at this point but with how many doctors and nurses that were there I knew it wasn’t good. I start to vomit and my body was starting to shut down. I had a tubal pregnancy in my left tube. Which caused my tube to slowly leak my blood into my body. I was internally bleeding with all my organs being suffocated and shutting down. They rush me to the operating room and it takes them about a hour to get me fixed up. By the time I wake up I have doctors rushing to me again to sign papers for a blood transfusion because of the surgery and blood all in my stomach it all fell on the floor. So they said my blood levels were at a 6.3 if it got to a 5 I would die. So I signed papers to receive a blood transfusion. The one blood transfusion didn’t do nothing so I had to undergo another bag of blood. Which again only brought it to 7.3 and that was all they could give me. After the traumatic experience I was determined to not have any tubes at that point, because I was scared to die. Me and Cody have always wanted children together. We just need alittle help to start our tiny toes and big dreams . We would need a surrogate to carry the baby, due to me not able to carry.

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