Dreams of a Angel

Port Saint Lucie, FL (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Dreams of a Angel

by Tarra Johnson

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Port Saint Lucie, FL (US)

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My name is Tarra. I’m currently undergoing IVF treatment for I’ve struggled with infertility after the loss of my two babies. To hear the words from the doctors after the loss of the second one,that I will not be able to conceive on my own and that I would need ivf was so devastating, on top of what I had just gone through was a indescribable moment. I over the years have thought about my options over and over. We finally was able after 10 plus years come up with the funds to start the process and after refinancing my home like 6 months ago, I was able take out funds to make my dreams a possibility. We have spent around 25000 in the past year to try and make this a reality. I started the cycle and all my medications and injections at the end of January beginning of February. I was due to have the transfer on 2/29/23. I was told it would be moved to the 1st of march to give embryo one more day before transfer to be called morning of to be told the embryo did not make it and there was nothing to transfer. So here we are again feeling like as if my worlds crashing around me. Feeling so lost and hopeless once again. But Im trying to keep my faith and hold onto the fact I do have another set of eggs to where I am able to try one more time but the funds for the cycle is what’s missing now for I used all my funds on the first round of things and process.  The cost of the cycle. Meds. And all the Tests that was required. unfortunately I’m in state of Florida and insurance does pay for infertility and I’ve had to pay for it all out of pocket. So here I am. This is my situation. I’m so hurt and feel so lost. I’m holding onto I have one more chance and I just don’t want money to be the reason my dreams don’t become a reality. To think I still have one more chance and money is the issue is horrible feeling. So I came across this program and read into things and I felt god said do this. So here i am asking if anyone of you can help me with helping make my dream a possibility. My husband and I have been together since middle school and we are 39 & 40 now. We have been through a lot. We even raised my sisters 3 kids while grieving our own and refuse to give up now. With cost of living it’s very hard to save as you go. Especially when having kids to raise. I do not like asking for help but as the lord says ask when in need. So I come to ask even though it’s taking all of me to do so. I thank all of you who has taking the time to read my story and those of you who find it in your heart to help. May god bless each and everyone of you. Please pray for me and my husband, for this is a tough time for us..

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Roslyn Andrade $40.00 May 12, 2023
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Catherine Thacker $222.00 March 03, 2023
Catherine Thacker commented with a $222 donation about 9 months ago
222 serves you as a reminder that you are on the right track and that your consistent pursuit of your aspirations will not be in vein. Even if You have to make some adjustments you were reach your goals ?❤️?❤️?❤️