Dulce and Artemio IVF Miracle Baby

Ceres, CA (US)
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Dulce and Artemio IVF Miracle Baby

by Dulce Pina-castaneda

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Ceres, CA (US)

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My name is Dulce Piña-Castaneda. I am married to Artemio who gave me two children. Maritza age 9 and andrew age 8. These two children of mine are miracle babies. Doctors have told me I should not have kids due to damage of my esophagus and stomach I had when I was fifteen. I only have one sister and always wondered how would it be if I had more siblings. When I got pregnant with Maritza it was a surprise since Artemio and I tried for a while and there was no success. Once Maritza was born, I thought to myself maybe she will be the only one since I had a hard time getting pregnant. One year and six months later, I gave birth to Andrew. At that time my gastroenterologist told me it will be hard if I continue to have more children due to my stomach lining. While my OBGYN advised me to tie my tubes since my quality of life will be poor if I have more kids. I was twenty one when I had Andrew. Yes, I already had one of each gender, but I still wanted my big family. At that time due to my chronic migraines and my stomach condition, I decided to continue with the tubal ligation process. It has been now nine years since then and I completely regret it! My migraines are completely under control and I do not have complications with my stomach. Doctors cannot explain how my stomach and esophagus have healed like if nothing happened and my migraines are under control with Botox treatment. Years go by I keep dreaming I am pregnant and sometimes I even see the baby’s face, just to wake up and realize it was all just a dream. Doctors have told me I was to young to tie my tubes. I thought, I was just doing the right thing. I tell myself, “God knows why he does things, and maybe it was just meant for me to have only two children!” My children ask me, “mommy when can we have a baby?” It is hard to explain that her mommy naturally cannot do so. Although my mind and soul tell me different. I want to ask for hope from all if possible by donating $5 or more if possible or simply by sharing my story for my ivf miracle baby can have a chance to happen. Thank you for your support and taking the time to read my story…