Fertility Treatment

Richmond, TEXAS (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Fertility Treatment

by Shirley Gonzalez

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Richmond, TEXAS (US)

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My name is Shirley Gonzalez 31 years old. My husband and I have done five rounds of fertility treatment that have ended in 3 miscarriages and two failed treatments. My first period was induced when I was 18 years old because the pains were too much in my pelvis; at that moment, they had already removed my appendix, and my Doctor thought that removing it would eliminate my pain. But it wasn’t like that. It got worst every day. The gynecologist started with cycles of birth control to induce my period but never worked at the age of 17 years old but never worked. The pain got even worse; I started going to an Endocrinologist who did blood work and concluded that I had Lupus. I began to treat it and got in touch with my Gynecologist to induce my period with something more substantial. My Doctor decided to prescribe me Medroxyprogesterone (Provera). After that, I saw my period for the first time at 18.
After many years my periods were never regular, but the pain always sent me to the Emergency Room with pelvic pain and back home with heavy meds. I grew up in Puerto Rico, and medicine sometimes is not as reliable as it could be in the United States; for many years, I went to different doctors, but no one seemed to find an answer to why I had so much pain. I couldn’t bend, my hair was falling, I had constipation all the time, something must be wrong, I would say every day. After my surgery for my appendix, three years passed by, and the pain was unbearable; my family decided to move to Griffin, Georgia. One night while living in Georgia, I had to be taken to the Emergency Room because I couldn’t move because of the extreme pain in my pelvis and abdomen. While in the ER, many Doctors did blood work and ultrasound and decided that I had a cyst that was too big to leave and that I needed to go into surgery for them to see precisely how bad it was. In the process, they had to remove my right ovary because it was ruptured in the process of surgery. They diagnosed me with PCOS. After that surgery, my cycles were still missing from months to months. But every month, I would have the worst pain, like when having a bad period symptoms, sharp abdominal pain like stabbing. After many years of not having a period (3 years) without treatment because I got tired of the same diagnosis from Doctors that didn’t seem to know exactly what happened to me, I decided to go back to an Endocrinologist to find out I had Hashimoto Disease. Which is an autoimmune disease it attacked my thyroid on every level. That following year after starting Synthroid medication (for hyperthyroidism), I was diagnosed with Papillary Micro Carcinoma of the Thyroid. For me, it was the hardest; when in for surgery, they removed part of my thyroid. But that’s not all. It continued to escalate. Everything in my body was attacking itself, but no Doctor could give me a straight answer on how to fix the problem with my immune system, reproductive system, and more. After many years with the same pains moved to Houston, Texas and started seeing specialists for my condition, PCOS and Hashimoto. My husband and I wanted to create a family and tried for two years. Nothing happened. Gynecologists suggested we go to a fertility clinic because of all my records and that they would help us better get pregnant. We agreed and started visiting a fertility clinic in Houston. Started with timed intercourse; they sent a different prescription for ovulation and triggered shots to do everything on time for me to get pregnant, but it didn’t seem to work. We have done 4 IUI treatments (Intrauterine insemination). One was a fail, and 3 of them ended in a miscarriage. The most prolonged pregnancy I had to carry was eight weeks. They performed a D&C for two of the miscarriage, but the devastation was the worst. Trying to go back and do it all over again is very painful. Doctors decided to do another surgery, a Laparoscopy, to see what else they could find that was making my system not work correctly; they found out that I had most of my organs attached because of adhesion and scar tissue. They found out I had Endometriosis Stage 4. They did everything they could and saved my left ovary and left fallopian tube; they fixed my uterus, which was tilted. This surgery was on June 6, 2022, and now trying to go back to do IVF Treatment which is recommended by my fertility doctor, who is also my Endometriosis Specialist.
He recommends performing at least two IVF rounds to ensure my body is ready to carry a full-term pregnancy.
At this point, we have put so much money into my medical treatment with my cancer, endometriosis, and fertility treatment. I want to become a Mother and be as normal as any other woman.
The only way to do this is by getting help from a caring community that helps me do another treatment to become a Mom.
Thank you again for what you do. God always helps those who help the ones in need.