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Funk rainbow baby

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Peculiar , MO (US)

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We have suffered 6 miscarriage’s in 14 years. The first miscarriage was in 2007 with my first husband, we were in the middle of splitting up. I assumed this miscarriage was due to stress and moved on (loss #1). After this I met my current husband whom is the love of my life. We were not trying for a baby when we learned we were pregnant in 2009, we were over the moon to learn we were expecting and could not wait to start this chapter of our life’s together. Only to start what was sure to be a nightmare of a journey (loss #2).
We tried on our own to get pregnant again, but had zero success. We sought out help in 2013, that doctor had us do an HSG that showed my left tube was likely 100% blocked, the right tube was suspicious looking but thought to be open with some dilation mentioned. The doctor thought this would not be an issue and started us on ovulation induction medications. I was given clomid for 3 months with no success.

At the end of 2013 we decided to take a break. In the meantime our doctor we were working with closed her office. Once we started trying again on our own we decided to do timed intercourse with ovulation kits until we found another doctor. After almost 10 months of timed intercourse we got a positive test. We called another doctor right away whom would not see us until 8 weeks, I explained my history and they said they would call me back after speaking with the doctor the next day, that night the bleeding started. This was our third loss, the doctor offered to see me to do labs but thought this was likely just a chemical and would resolve on its own, no further testing was done. (loss #3)

We again took a break, almost giving up at that point. We stopped all ovulation testing, stopped tracking bbt, stopped tracking cycles all together. We just felt we could not go through anymore losses. In 2019 we were on several vacations that summer, we were relaxed and having fun. I was looking into getting contraceptives for painful cycles that had surfaced over the years. The new doctor suggested a device placed on the cervix, however needed to be placed during my cycle. So I was to call on day 1 of my cycle, that day was late, 1 week late. I no longer had hcg tests at home, so off to the store I went, oh to see that positive line… It felt like god was answering prayers, you know how people say I got pregnant when we stopped trying, this was it for us this was the gift we had been waiting for. Only to go to the doctor 1 week later and be told my in office urine test is negative…. how could that be?? They looked at me like I was a nut case, but sent me for labs and told me how sorry they were. While I waited in the exam room for the tech to come take my blood, I could hear the patient in the room next to me. They are listening to her baby’s heartbeat, I can hear the awe’s and excitement, I cry and think will I ever hear that. The bleeding started literally within hours of leaving that office (loss #4). The labs returned progesterone level of 1.5 and HCG of 50. We thought this was it, we were devastated, but why would god give us this right before we closed that chapter?? The only reason I can come up with is to tell us not to give up… So we gotta keep on going.

2020 I moved on to the next doctor she was amazing wanted all my records read them all with me in the room. We go back over that HSG, she does not like the look of it but is open to try letrazole, progesterone and scans with timed intercourse… we complete all of this the next cycle and right on time my period starts, she decides we need to repeat the HSG with better radiology equipment prior to trying again. The morning of the HSG, on cycle day 10, I am to take a pregnancy test that morning before the procedure. Only to get a instant positive, the darkest line I have ever seen on a at home test. I call the doc, we are all so confused because I had a full blown normal 6 day cycle. This is alarming to the doctor, I can’t contain my excitement, we tried new meds and it had to have worked. Excited because this time I have a doc watching everything and gets me right in that morning for labs. The labs come back HCG is 410, yes this is happening. Repeat labs 48 hours later, 110 this is another loss, (loss #5). Instructed to stop progesterone and suggested I need to go straight to the best doctors my area has to offer, this was the very first time a doctor has informed me they can no longer treat me and I need a specialist (REI).

I went for a second opinion as I have no infertility coverage on my insurance plan and can not afford the treatments. This next doctor looks at the HSG again, she decides we need to do laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and will have it done due to heavy painful cycles so that insurance covers this. This results in a grade 3 endometriosis removed and verified left tube is blocked but not leaking, right tube seems open and functional (nov2020). This doctor does recommend me to at least speak with the REI due to only having one tube and so many losses, again I am refed on.

I recover from surgery, being told this is the best time to try on our own while we wait to get in with the REI, its a long wait. Trying on our own, nothing.

Consult with REI, we do nearly $4,000 worth of labs and biopsies and procedures. We find nothing…. not a thing, how can we find nothing with 5 losses all within 6 weeks. The doctor wants to try and IUI. We start with letrazole, first scan is promising, 3 on each side. Doctor wants us back in 2 days to measure again, nothing on the open side is dominant now. The IUI is canceled, we try timed intercourse, and failed. I get COVID, I just cant win, we skip 2 cycles. We try for IUI again, we do clomid and letrazole, oh boy this makes me sick to my tummy… but we keep on going, I can take a little bit of sickness. We have the scan dominant on both sides, we can trigger. I worry, what if I ovulate before the IUI, I pray, and I pray. We wait and wait for what seems like an eternity. We are pregnant. We threw everything at this…. We are on many meds now, nothing more can be done, we are doing it all. We do labs, numbers are low, we do more labs, numbers don’t look right. Doctor calls she wants me to stop blood thinners immediately as well as progesterone, explains life threating possibilities (tubal rupture). I pray, this lil guy is just a slow grower, I believe in something bigger than what these numbers give. More labs, doctor wants a scan ASAP, we somehow are still excited, we might see our baby today. We wait, the tech finds nothing she says, but not to worry we are still so early. Doctor calls we do more labs and more labs. Numbers increasing slows way down, it is hitting me we are going to do this yet again. Family tries to support us and encourage us, I know how this story ends I have been the character in this stupid book too many times!!! We are called by no less than 3 doctors in this practice to tell us this is very serious and that we need injections or a procedure to end this pregnancy, I believe they used the term “resolve” . They were as respectful as they could be with the delicate situation, but I have come so far and tried so hard and been through so much, how do I allow this abortion to happen. Its hard I cry all the way to the office with my husband driving. We walk in together, my husband can’t come back with me, I am alone, I have no pain meds, they scrape, 4 passes, we are done. I am a zombie, I am numb emotionally, I have physical and emotional pain, I wait for the bleeding they told me would happen, nothing. Pathology comes back, no fetal tissue was removed. More labs, numbers have increased, the procedure has failed. Chemo injections come next, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, body aches, and hair loss. This loss has taken everything. This was sept of 2021, literally 23 needle pokes that month. My life on hold for at least 90 days.

I have a follow up, need another surgery. This time to clip my tubes and again remove more scar tissue. We are told the only treatment they now recommend for our high risk situation with repeat ectopic pregnancies, is IVF. The procedure is so expensive. The medication is so expensive. I have looked into drawing out 401K to pay for treatment. I did not come this far, and go through all of this to quit now. I have panic attacks when I think of quitting, I have panic attacks when I think of continuing treatments. I think of my husband and the day we went for a scan, how excited he was, how he showed up to the doctors an hour early unable to contain his excitement of the chance to see our baby on that screen. I also think of the night we both came home from work and went straight to bed and cried. We have waited and wanted and longed for this for so many years.

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