Future Baby Hudson’s IVF Treatment Now Boarding

Virginia Beach, VA (US)
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Future Baby Hudson’s IVF Treatment Now Boarding

by Marshall Hudson

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Virginia Beach, VA (US)

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Campaign Story

Some might say our story begins with one of the luckiest circumstances ever imaginable. The date is January 4th, 2018. A boy named Marshall from Virginia Beach buys a ticket to see his alma mater, JMU, compete for a national championship in Frisco, Texas. A girl named Cameron from Round Hill does the same. Little did they know the largest snow storm in 18 years would rock the beach town forcing Marshall, after 17 flight changes to drive to DC if there was any chance of making it. Whether by fate, luck, chance, God’s will or destiny Marshall found himself seated next to Cameron on a 747 headed west.

Fast forward to June 13, 2021 and Cameron and Marshall find themselves on another flight. This time headed south to a place they pictured bringing their future princess to. 33,000 feet above a field in Southern Virginia and Cameron learned she’ll be taking the last name Hudson. The fantasies of future trips with a full family rushed off their lips for the rest of the flight. The talk of baby names, daycares, girl or boy, 2 or 3!? The excitement was too much to contain, especially given the luck they’d already experienced in finding each other, there truly could be nothing that could stop them from building a perfect a perfect family.

Fast forward again to modern day and the reality of life starts to set in. It feels like a lifetime of trying, doctors visits , stress, and anxiety, but we finally found a specialist that could confirm our worst fears. IVF is our only option. While we understand we are more fortunate than others, because we still have a chance to build our dreams, the financial burden is more than we could have ever expected. That is why we have created this page and are asking for support. I know that through community we can still make this possible and promise to support and hopefully, after it’s successful, inspire others as we are able. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and support our future family.