Giving us the gift of live

Columbus, GA (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Giving us the gift of live

by erin Schwartz

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Columbus, GA (US)

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My name is Erin and I have endometriosis and pcos (I definitely pulled the short stick out of the bag). My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 7 years, We have tried the natural way, medication way (letrozole,Clomid,HCG shots,b12 shots, metformin,progesterone meds, teas, alot of online and over the counter medications), IUI, not trying, timed intercourse, I even looked online for spells yes I’m that desperate to have a family with the love of my life. I had surgry where they removed scaring from my fundus and cervix and bottom of uterus super painful and sadly nothing has worked. My specialist has told us they don’t understand why I havent got pregnant because I do ovulate every month, I have a regular cycle, I am not over or under weight, I have a healthy uterus, and I am healthy in general. My last and only hope is getting a IVF but the problem is that it cost so much and even though we can definitely afford a child we can’t afford the cost of the ivf. We have tried a go fund me account but people on my Facebook made fun of us and I took it off my facebook. We have a baby room set up and its so cute but no baby. I went through severe depression from month after month year after year of negative test and I want to see the 2 pink lines so please even if its 5 dollars donate to help us have our dream come true and perfect little family of 3. Anything helps if you can’t donate please keep us in your thoughts and send us good vibes. thank you