Heath & Erikka’s Baby Journey

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Heath & Erikka’s Baby Journey

by Erikka Swift

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Campaign Story

Hello! We are Heath and Erikka and we hope that you will give a couple minutes of your time to read our story. We have been together for 12 wonderful years! During this time we created a life, a home, raised two amazing pups, worked hard, and loved every minute of it! Unfortunately we waited a long time to have kids, mostly because of money. We didn’t feel like we were at a place to be financially ready until about two years ago. So we started trying to getting pregnant and unfortunately nothing was happening. I have had my fair share of reproductive issues over the years, but the most profound was when I had a 25 cm mass removed from uterus about 7 years ago. After the mass was safely removed and found to be benign, I have had some on going issues with pain, really difficult cycles, and scar tissue. I started testing with my OBGYN a few months ago and found that my right fallopian tube(where the mass was near) is blocked.  I also found out that part of my fallopian tube was in fact removed during that surgery, though I was never told this information until now. The next step was to have Heath’s testing done, and unfortunately it was not the best of news. Heath also suffers from chronic kidney disease. It is not proven the two could be associated, but it is most certainly a possibility.  I also recently found out that I will have to have what remains of my right tube taken out in order to proceed with IVF. We have been working so unbelievably hard the last three years to reduce our debt and have made leaps and bounds towards that goal, but it pains me to have to go back into more debt. There is no guarantee that it will work, but we sure would love to try. If you can donate anything, even 1 dollar, or share this story with people you know we would be ever so grateful. Asking for money is not something we ever do, and we really NEVER ask for hand outs.  This whole process is confusing, stressful, and very emotional for us both. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Sending all my love to you all!