Help Amber & Steve complete there family with IVF

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Help Amber & Steve complete there family with IVF


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I’ve sat here for some time thinking of what to write. It’s hard asking for help as we are the family that usually gives. And then I think of all the wonderful people out there needing help. Well…. it’s hard to think we are in more need than them. But I suppose I need to come to realize that we all need help at times and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it. So here I go… My daughter has been trying to conceive for over 3 years now. And with no luck her and her husband finally came to terms that it just doesn’t seem possible without some help. They reached out to their doctor and started the whole testing process. Come to find out he has an obstructive azoospermia, which is a blockage of the sperm. After more tests the doctor came to the conclusion that he has had the blockage for many many years maybe even his entire life. This was determined by the fact that his sperm aren’t swimmers. They have adapted to not swimming and therefore don’t swim or swim very little. With that said the doctor does not recommend insemination as he highly doubts that the sperm would reach the egg. With much disappointed they realized the only hope they had is IVF. Now a little bit about my daughter. Yes I’ll probably be a bit bias as she is MY daughter. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She is a very loving and nurturing person. She seems to always be helping someone in need out. Her kindness, love and patience she has for her family and friends and even strangers, is extraordinary. She would be a great mother. She lights up my life and she is so deserving of being a mother to a child that will be the light in her life. She’s happily married to a wonderful man. A friendship that started in middle school and carried on through high school. They parted ways to explorer different interests. Over the years they kept in and out of touch.ย  Something kept drawing them back to each other and they “finally” became a couple in 2016.ย  That friendship has grown into a love so beautiful. They tied the knot in July of 2019. Both her and her husband are in their mid 30’s. They both are excited to start a family and share the love they have. The only thing holding them back is the cost of IVF. She truly didn’t think this would be the route they’d have to take and now in her mid 30’s time is ticking. She’s healthy and at a good age for IVF to be a great choice but if she has to wait until they can financially pay for this it may be several years and by then the % on success declines. They both are staying positive and keeping the faith. Any help she can get would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.