Help grow my family

Vandalia , OH (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Help grow my family

by Bryanna Harris

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Vandalia , OH (US)

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Hello all! My name is Bryanna. I just recently got engaged to an amazing man named Marcus. I have two boys and Marcus has a gorgeous daughter from previous relationships. Despite the major obstacles we faced in our lives, God has blessed us with finding true happiness in eachother. We are beyond blessed to have the lives we do and we would love to continue to grow our healthy love by having a child.
Unfortunately, becoming a mom so early in life and being in an unhealthy mental state I decided to tie my tubes. I went into the situation understanding that I was able to reverse this procedure at a later date of I wanted not knowing exactly what it was I signed for. My doctor at the time decided for me, after concerns of cervical cancer, to remove them completely. I was not given guidance as to how this would affect my future and signed the paper thinking this was my only option. I was not aware of my tubes being “gone” until Marcus and I decided to go to a doctor to get a reversal. We wanted to bring the best parts of ourselves as one by creating a child of our own and we were robbed by a decision I wasn’t aware I made. This news broke me, but also broke Marcus. He has experience losing two children before his daughter and had hopes of having another child in the future. I would love, not to replace, but bring a life into this world for a man who suffered so much loss. We are now educated and our only option is to go through the process of IVF. IVF is not an easy procedure and the expenses are extremely high for average middle-class family. I have worked so hard to better myself, and my boys lives from the toxicity of our past.
This man means the world to me and I to him. We genuinely love and appreciate all of you, and thank you for taking your time, your prayers and your sponsorship to support us on our new “healthy” journey together!
We excited to announce our wedding is May 14, 2022. Our goal is to start this journey before my 30th birthday, March 6, 2023, because of the dangers of being pregnant older. We are very nervous about this, and if my confidence allows me, I would love to start sharing my journey on TicTok streams @breeharris93. or maybe a youtube channel, still working on that though ?