Help Jarred & Mikayla become parents

Tallahassee, FL (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Help Jarred & Mikayla become parents

by Mikayla Stewart

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Tallahassee, FL (US)

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My name is Mikayla,

My journey with Jarred through the maze of fertility struggles is one woven with threads of hope, perseverance, and love. Our once joyful anticipation of starting a family gradually morphed into a rollercoaster of emotions, each dip and turn testing the strength of our bond.

As the months slipped by, marked by the disappointment of negative pregnancy tests and whispers of unanswered questions, my heart grew heavy with worry. Yet, it was in the gentle presence of Jarred’, that I found solace amidst the storm.

The diagnosis of a hydrosalpinx after a year of trying cast a shadow over our dreams, shattering the illusion of an easy path to parenthood. But even in the face of despair, We have clung to hope that God will bring us through.

The surgery to remove my fallopian tube was a bittersweet milestone, a painful reminder of the hurdles we had overcome, yet light signaling a new beginning. However, the discovery of endometriosis felt like a cruel twist of fate, threatening our hopes.

In the quiet moments that followed, we found ourselves standing at a crossroads, at our first fertility appointment. The reality of IVF loomed before us, as we were told our chances of conceiving was 3%. This new reality was intimidating, a journey fraught with financial strain and emotional turmoil.

Yet, amidst the uncertainty, we are trying to do everything in reach to keep fighting for our family.
As we embark on this next chapter of our lives, we hold onto the belief that love will guide us through the darkest of nights, illuminating the path towards our greatest dream—a family filled with laughter, love, and endless possibilities.

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