Help make their dream of a family come true!

Brodhead , WI (US)
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Help make their dream of a family come true!

by Tricia Hammermeister

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Brodhead , WI (US)

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Campaign Story

My cousin has been dealing with medical issues her entire life and has always dreamed of having a a family. She’s been told that she can’t have a child of her own due to the risks would pose to her own health and future quality of life and the babies potential health and overall outcome. I’m sparing this with the hopes that enough people will see this and give what they can to help a truly remarkable woman’s dream come true. Please donate if you can, it means the world to her.

From Tricia-
Our story in a nutshell so far: We have been trying for some time now to have the family we have always dreamt of having with no success. Month after month of testing and the heartache of never seeing those two pink lines and watching everyone around you have the happiness happen for them you have been hoping and dreaming so much for. After the first year of trying the finally agreed to do some testing to find out why I haven’t been successful in conceiving on my own. Since the testing had started I have found out through several different ultrasounds that I have PCOM, a muscle wall in the uterus which borderline makes ish a separate uterus but is just barely missing that mark to deem it so, the uterus is also slightly abnormal in shape. Along with that they also believed my tubes were blocked but with an HSG ultrasound rules that out.

Now a little about my medical history beyond that which is a mess in itself I was diagnosed with diabetes at 11 and have brital diabetes, I had in 2015 had a pancreas transplant which did take that away for 5 year but has since stopped working and I now also need a retransplant but that has been put on pause for the past few years due to the fact that we do want a family and having a baby/ being pregnant with a new transplant can cause complications of its own. I also have kidney disease which is due to the diabetes and having it for so long along with, gastroperesis and diabetic retinopathy in both eyes more so the left and just recently had to have a vitrectomy on my left eye because of it). I also had miscarried in my past so we never thought anything about there being complications with being able to have a baby would ever be an issue on our own. Boy were were completely wrong.

Due to the findings with my scans and my medical history they sent me to Generations Fertility to see how they could help my husband and I have the family we have been wanting and so we can proceed with the retransplant as well. Once we were there the doctor had looked at my chart and I was not ready for the blow that they were about to deliver that they were not going to do any further testing to help find out why I was unable to conceive myself because of my past medical history and it’s complexity and the risk it poses to my quality of life if they were to help get me pregnant myself. They told me. They have no doubt they could do ivf and allow me, myself to have a child but they would not do that because if I wanted any chance to be here to care for that child after birth and still have any quality of life for myself & to give our child the best possible outcome of a healthy life would only be to have a surrogate carry our baby or so adoption. So with that being said they are now telling us medically I am deemed not able to carry my own child for the risk it poses to me and the potential life of the child so Adoption or Surrogacy our the only options we have left if we want a family.

Then came the second jaw drop of the day is the cost of what surrogacy would cost for us to still be able to have a child that is our own together, 120k minimum could be more depending on if the surrogate is a 2nd time carrier or 3rd time carrier and if a c-section is needed. I don’t know how they expect the average family to afford something like that and insurance doesn’t provide any help nor do they provide any assistance. Every appointment must be paid for upfront before the appointment begins.
We are not opposed to adoption, but we would love to have a child together since that door is not closed to us yet. Adoption they told us is not an easier process by any means and can sometimes cost just as much if not more depending on legal fees and circumstances along with all the loopholes that come along with it and that sometimes people can wait years to find a baby that gets placed with them.

There is so much more to this journey that I could go one for days. We are just hoping that hearing our story and the difficulty that you might find it in your heart to help any little bit is a blessing when it comes to the amount it will take for us to have our dream of a family. If you have children I know you know what a blessing your family is, imagine helping someone be able to see that dream of a family come true for them as well. I can tell you I have dreamt of having a family ever since I can remember and the emotional whiplash that comes with each phone call, every appointment and not knowing what conflicting news you will get is daunting. I was never ready to hear that I couldn’t carry or potentially have my own child myself what woman/man is ever prepared while planning to have a baby is ready to hear that news and not be shattered. We are just hoping you can find it in your heart of heart to help us see our dream finally become a reality through the gift someone could give us through surrogacy if we were able to find the means to do so.