Help Noah & Maddi Petkau Start A Family!

La Broquerie, Manitoba (CA)
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Fertility Treatments

Help Noah & Maddi Petkau Start A Family!

by Madison Petkau

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La Broquerie, Manitoba (CA)

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My name is Madison, and I have IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension) also known as a pseudo-tumour cerebri, which directly translates to “false brain tumour” this condition was diagnosed 1 year after I got off of birth control pills, that was in 2018. And my monthly cycle never returned to its normal length, I also began to notice severe acne, and hirsutism shortly thereafter… my cycles became debilitating in pain and my IIH worsened. In 2020, I went for a checkup with my GP and some tests were ordered for me, a couple weeks later I was diagnosed with PCOS… my hormone levels were completely out of whack. I found myself in a deep depression during this time, because of my hormone levels from the PCOS my ovulation is nonexistent, and I couldn’t utilize OPK’s to test because oftentimes women with PCOS experience an elevated LH levels consistently… so how do I find the peak?

I have been married to my sweet husband since 2020, and we have longed for a child since we got married… month after month, and year after year we have been unable to have a child. It has been four years of negative pregnancy tests, four years of praying and hoping that AF doesn’t arrive and then it does, four years of waiting and wanting and longing and nothing…. Time after time, again and again. It is such a desperate feeling to want something so terribly bad but it feels so out of reach for you. My biggest desire is to be a Mom and my husband a Dad.

A couple of months ago we were finally put on a waitlist at our local fertility clinic (Heartland Fertility Clinic) in Winnipeg, MB. We are praying that with the proper medication, and treatment plan we can become parents to a precious child. We have waited so long for this and have wanted this so bad. But the expenses are all out of pocket, and we can’t afford to drop thousands of dollars per round of IUI or IVF, we aren’t sure how many cycles it’ll take yet. But we pray. Continuously, that God will provide and make a way for us.

We need help. We need a treatment plan. I need something to help with my hormone levels to support ovulation within my body. Please, if it is placed within your heart to give to us even a small donation like $5.00 that would help us and go directly towards our fertility treatments. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And we pray that if you too, are in the same boat or similar; that you also get the baby you have so longed for in whatever way that may look. Thank you. ❤️

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