Help the Halls Have a Baby

Gahanna, OH (US)
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Help the Halls Have a Baby

by Samantha Hall

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Gahanna, OH (US)

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We are Samm and Lacey Hall, and we are raising money to help us have a baby! As I’m sure is obvious, we are “sperm-atically challenged,” in that neither of us produce sperm, so we will need around $750 just for donor sperm. Samm has surgically diagnosed endometriosis, which is known to cause many fertility challenges on its own, BUT she also has PCOS, which presents many other challenges in the realm of fertility. The most cost effective way for us to have a baby is to use IVF, which will basically eliminate many of the hurdles that endometriosis and PCOS create for us (ensuring that we don’t lose money on wasted sperm and other fertility treatments that most likely will not work). In deciding that IVF was the best route for us, we also decided to pursue reciprocal IVF (which carries no additional fees or charges over regular IVF). We will be retrieving Lacey’s eggs, fertilizing them using donor sperm, and freezing the resulting embryos until we are ready to transfer them, at which point, Samm will carry the embryos and give birth to them. We have chosen to use CNY Fertility Center, based out of New York. We will do virtual consultations (hopefully starting in mid-late 2023) and remote monitoring before driving to Buffalo and having the egg retrieval performed. CNY is a leader in fertility care and assisted reproduction and their services are a quarter of the cost of the national average. We will need to pay for our consultations, monitoring ultrasounds, medications, donor sperm, and procedures ourselves, as our insurance does not cover any portion of fertility services. We are SO excited to start this journey and we plan to finance our egg retrieval through CNY, so any money you can give to our fundraiser at ANY time is appreciated, as we can use it to make payments on our account. THANK YOU for any help you are able to give towards making our dream of having a family come true!!