Help us achieve our goal of affording IVF

Jacksonville, IL (US)
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Help us achieve our goal of affording IVF

by Meghan Johnston

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Jacksonville, IL (US)

Meghan Johnston is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

Hello everyone, my name is Meghan, and my husbands name is Levi.

We’re asking for help achieving our goal of affording Ivf at our fertility clinic (fertility partnership) in St. Charles Missouri.

We had tried for over 5 years to get pregnant and we’re surprised when I got a positive pregnancy test in December of 2023, I miscarried that pregnancy, and was told by an old OBGYN I was seeing at the time that miscarriages happen and to come back when I was pregnant again.

Fast forward to February of 2023, got pregnant again, miscarried again. Same thing happened in may 2023, got pregnant, and miscarried. Then again I miscarried September of 2023, and again in December 2023.

My issue isn’t necessarily getting pregnant but it’s staying pregnant. I’ve gotten pregnant 5 times and miscarried 5 times.

My fertility specialist suggests we really start looking at IVF, but is wanting to try a couple of IUIs with us first by my request because there’s no way in the world we can afford $15,000.

I have PCOS, a progesterone issue, and a luteal defect and that’s why my fertility specialist is really wanting us to look into IVF.

My purpose on this earth is to be a mother and my heart aches for all of my babies I have lost. I’m trying to remain hopeful for the IUIs but I trust my fertility specialist when he says there’s an 80% chance that what we need is IVF.

If anyone can help we would be eternally grateful, and one day I hope to be able to help someone else in my position, I would in a heartbeat if I could.

Thank you for reading my story ❤️

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