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Spring Creek, Nevada (US)
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Help us fulfill our dreams

by Tyler Porter

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Spring Creek, Nevada (US)

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My wife and I have hit just about every road bump possible trying to conceive. We’ve done 6 IUIs since 2016 and all failed. It’s been a battle since day one.
In May of 2021 she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had to have part of her arm replaced. Prior to starting chemo we thought ahead and had a couple embryos harvested and froze in hopes to use them when we were over this hurdle. It didn’t go as we planned. Shortly after she was clear of the sarcoma, we found out in May of 2022 she had thyroid cancer. We overcame that set back and thought we were finally back on track. Unfortunately in Nov of 2022, we found out that the osteosarcoma had moved to her lungs which is typical of this type of cancer; now diagnosing her as stage 4. We were told that the chemo to treat this cancer would ruin our chances of ever conceiving naturally so we scraped the last of our savings together and went through with a second round of embryo harvesting and got 3 more embryos.
We decided that because of everything going on that it would be best to get a surrogate to get our family started. A close friend of ours found out what we were doing and offered to help us. Neither of our insurances cover surrogacy the way we need it to so we have to pay everything out of pocket. Where we live has some of the highest costs for medical and surrogacy so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

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Anonymous $100.00 November 10, 2023
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Wishing you a gift of life .