Help us have a bundle of joy

Burlington , NC (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Help us have a bundle of joy

by Katelyn Freeman

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Burlington , NC (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello my name is Katelyn. My fiancee and I are wanting to have a baby. In order to do so we need to save up the money to between get my tubes untied which is the cheaper option, or IVF. The importance behind this is I really want to be able to give him a child of his own. He is already a amazing bonus dad to my kids we have. Him and I both came from rough relationships. I on hand just got out of a very toxic marriage, divorce has been officially finalized but while in my marriage after I got pregnant with the twins and had them. I got my tubes tied because my now ex husband wanted me to abort the twins and I wasn’t going to do that so I made the decision I didn’t want to do and get my tubes tied. That was 4 years ago, I was for certain I didn’t want another baby especially with my now ex husband. Things got worse in the marriage and I decided to leave it’s been very rocky but it’s okay. I met this amazing man that has been through hell and back has lost his kids due to miscarriages in the past. He gave up trying on a kid when him and I first got together he didn’t want one of his own. Now he’s had a wake up call that he wants to have a family of his own with me. I just can’t do it right now but I’ve talked to my Dr he said it’s very possible to get my tubal reversed and has referred me to a fertility specialist where I was able to get the pricing and options for me. Him and I have both talked about this and are for sure this is what we want. We’re saving up for the most expensive one but had this crazy idea of trying to see if anyone would like to help us with this blessing to have a bundle of joy of our own sooner rather than later down the line. Let’s face it life happens to everyone so trying to save up on our own for our bundle of joys would take a long time and I’m a few years younger than him I have time it’s just he has his own personal wishes to have a kid before he turns 35. So if you would like to help us have our own little bundle of joy that would be amazing the price above is what we’re trying to raise for the tubal reversal but of course the IVF is more costly because of the fertility drugs and the possibility of it not working the first go around. With my tubal reversal my drs believe it would be the best option hence a very small section was cut during my procedure so it would be easy to sew them back together and try for a baby with the help with possibly fertility medication as well. We would really love to have this opportunity. We were both in very toxic relationships we hit rock bottom before meeting each other and found each other and it’s been a blessing to us both meeting one another now we’re building a life together from the ground up but would love to have a little one of our own or multiple if we’re blessed with them. We are a family of prayer so even if you can’t help us with donating for our dream a prayer will go a long way as well. We greatly appreciate it In advance. God bless.