Hope of having a child. I have no fallopian tube.

Brooklyn, NY (US)
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Hope of having a child. I have no fallopian tube.

by Simone Satchell-Smith

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Brooklyn, NY (US)

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My name is Simone, and I have endometriosis, commonly referred to as endometriosis for those who may not know. Some may also call it Uterine Fibroid Embolization. Endo is a common health condition in women where tissues grow outside of the uterus, causing pain and often, infertility. Endo affects more than 11% of American woman between ages 15 to 44. I got pregnant at age 27, but it turn out to be an ectopic pregnancy, where I almost died. I was almost 3mths pregnant when my fallopian tube ruptured and I was rash to have a emergency surgery where I lost my right tube. After trying again for years, I later founded out the other tube was no good and I lost that too, πŸ˜” very sadden by all this. My partner and I have tried to get pregnant for the last decade; however with no fallopian tube and Endo has made that a journey a dead end. Now, as we process the grief of having no fallopian tube ending my ability of getting pregnant naturally, we look optimistically towards our future with In Vitro Fertilization (ivf). I have survived this debilitating medical condition because I am a fighter; however, my fight is not over.

I am asking you to help us on this new path by donating to our fundraiser. We are seeking assistance with the financial burden of IVF, and we would be honored if you could help. Even $5 would mean the world to us and help me fight for our future family. Thank you for reading!