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Fertility Treatments


by Ashley Maldonado

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Philadelphia , Pa (US)

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Hi my name is Ashley I’m writing today because I’m struggling with tubal infertility factor.I was told I would not successfully conceive with out in vitro treatments from a fertility specialist.I grew up in a abusive household.I spoke up for my siblings and myself when I was twelve years old .We we’re then removed out of their care ,but placed in my grandfathers care.My grandfather misused all the funds the state provided him for us kids.When I started working and hanging out with friends on my own my grandfather sexually assaulted my youngest sister. I became aware of it when I was eighteen turning nineteen.I then got help from a internal organization in my job to help get me on my feet so I could look after my two youngest siblings.At the time my oldest sibling was in a group home.My grandfather gave up caring for her when I was sixteen years old.I worked and attended school the first year.While trying to provide a better life for my siblings and myself Lincoln Tech wanted me to make large payments while attending.I couldn’t afford the payments while working and caring for two kids.I had to voluntary withdraw from the program.Eventually I had to pick up another job to maintain the apartment and the bills.I looked after my siblings intel they no longer wanted to respect my rules of my household.My sister moved in with our uncle and my brother gave my parents another chance.That’s close to the time my husband and I rekindled a relationship.He moved in with me and helped contribute to half the bills.We weren’t the perfect couple. We had ups and downs through our relationship ,but found true happiness.We love each other .My husband and I known each other over fourteen years,together for twelve years, and married for five years.I helped care for my step daughter all these years .I love her as my own.After my ectopic pregnancy in 2014 we tried to conceive ,but we’re heart broken every time our hopes would be crushed.At this present time in our lives we’re still loving and supporting his daughter.It’s tough not being able to have your child full time.I see the stress it leaves my husband.He has no control on choices made in his daughters mothers household which plays a big part on children and their upbringing .We have to share holidays,and summers etc .I feel as though my husband didn’t get the full experience of being a father because he had to share time with his daughters mother.He didn’t get to see his daughter all seven days of the week over these thirteen years.We also removed my sister from the group home and brought her home to live with us a year after we were married .My oldest sister has an intellectual disability.At this time my youngest sister has been blessed with two babies and hopes one day I have one of my own .So my nephews have cousins from our side of the family.I honestly cried when I found out my sister was pregnant with her first child because I couldn’t help it but be angry and sad .Why someone who sacrificed so much for others can’t have the blessing of having their own child to complete their family.At the time my sister was just recovering from a drug addiction she went through .I never could understand .I don’t do drugs ,I don’t drink ,I don’t find the need to go out and party.I just want to be a awesome mom and give my husband a child of our own.I always had to see pain,and struggle in my family due to addiction and alcohol abuse.Why can’t this one time I be blessed with being able to proceed with having a child and growing old together with my husband with no regrets.My husband and I are both satisfied with our employment.My husband works as a machine operator and I’m a paraprofessional. I work with children with disabilities in an elementary school.Seeing how much joy the children bring to me everyday makes me want to try harder to have a child from our own union.The child would bring so much happiness,and joy to our family .People who are able to conceive naturally will never understand the hurt and shame woman with infertility problems burden on their selfs.We feel less of a woman not being able to bring life into this world.Especially since it’s not by choice.I’m tired of hearing family members tell me if it’s meant to be it will happen.God will heal your womb!Even my sister offering to be a surrogate.Which makes no since I have tubal factor infertility doesn’t mean I can’t carry a child naturally.It means I can’t conceive naturally because I have to bypass the fallopian tubes to prevent another ectopic pregnancy which is life threatening.Not to mention the cost.All the baby showers we’re invited to birthday parties,and reveals are just another reminder that it’s impossible due to not being wealthy enough to get the medical treatment necessary to help me conceive a child.My husband and I both always worked for everything we have.Nothing was ever just given to us.Thats why my husband and my self are timid to be opened about my infertility with others and try to fundraise the money to have the funds to go into a treatment plan.We even grasped other job opportunities hoping the insurance would cover it ,but found out it wouldn’t cover it at all.We thought about paying for in Vitro fertilization our selfs but realized the cost would put us into so much debt and wasn’t hundred percent guaranteed for one in Vito fertilization treatment .We will be grateful for an contributions towards us having our miracle baby .The program we would sign up for would be from RMA 100% guaranteed program because it refunds majority of your money except for cost of medication.Program offers six rounds of ivf. If refunded I would notify parenthood .org so they can refund any contributions refunded due to unsuccessful treatment.