I am trying to get my tubes reversed

Sherman, TX (US)
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I am trying to get my tubes reversed

by Alyssa McCoy

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Sherman, TX (US)

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My name is Alyssa. I was in an abusive relationship and my soon to be ex husband not only abused me but my children. He was very manipulative and narcissistic. I didn’t want to tie my tubes but was told by him if I didnt do it he would take my daughter that we had together and run away with her. He constantly abused drugs and made everything about what he wanted. Now that I am with someone who is a good person with a good heart I can’t give him a child. Even though I would like to I can’t afford the surgery. I am also trying to get thing right so that I may get far away from my soon to be ex if he is no longer incarcerated for the crime he committed against my children and needing to move close to where my children are now so that I can be a family with them again. I went threw back surgery and couldn’t care for them and my job has retaliated against me, shaved my hours, demoted me, and put me in such a bind that I can not find a solution.

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