I had both tubes removed due to the negligence of the doctors I’m just trying to start my family

St. Louis , Missouri (US)
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I had both tubes removed due to the negligence of the doctors I’m just trying to start my family

by Jasmane Bickley

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St. Louis , Missouri (US)

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My name is jasmanebickley I am 26 years old around last year in April 2021 I ended up finding out that I was pregnant I’ve been went back to the emergency room two weeks after that for them to tell me that I was having a miscarriage and it was nothing that they could do I went home I mourned and I tried to move on I went out of town a couple months later while I was out of town I was having sharp pains I was vomiting back to back I couldn’t keep anything down I couldn’t get any rest so once I returned from my trip in June 2021 I was informed that I had to be rushed to the ER because I was having an ectopic pregnancy in my tube was about to rupture I did not get an option to only remove the baby it was already too late and they had to remove the entire tube that was my left tube three months after the ectopic pregnancy I started trying again with my boyfriend it wasn’t until a A month and a half ago I found out that I was pregnant again but I was in a very early stage of pregnancy I had been complaining of spotting on and off the entire pregnancy and all the doctors told me was it was implantation bleeding and that it was normal I was expressing to them that I was having the exact same symptoms that I had with my previous ectopic pregnancy and they decided to brush it off and then went to the hospital three weeks ago complaining of pain they then told me that they cannot find a baby in my uterus and that it most likely was in my tube and because of the pain that I was experiencing they felt that it was necessary to go in and remove the baby from the tube they then put me under anesthesia where when I woke up from the surgery I had been informed that it was way too late for them to be able to remove the baby from my tube so they ended up removing my whole right tube as well now I can no longer reproduce naturally me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby for two years now I already have two beautiful sons my youngest son is about to be five in September and we’re just ready to expand our family this was a very unexpected turn in our journey to expand our family and all we’re looking for is just a little help